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All_Season_Tree_Service: Tree Pruning

Whether you live in Edmonton, Sherwood Park or Leduc, pruning your trees will improve the appearance of your yard, provide you with a clearer view and allow more sunlight in.

Tree pruning can also prevent overhead hazards that threaten your home, your property and anyone passing by. Keep reading to learn what happens when you don’t prune your trees and five reasons why you should. Why is tree pruning so important? Left to their own devices, trees will continue to grow regardless of their surroundings. In your backyard, this kind of wild overgrowth can spell disaster. Branches can interfere with telephone, cable and sewer lines, obstruct your view and even damage your home. The dangers of not pruning your trees When you don’t prune the trees on your lot they’re less likely to thrive and add value to your property. Trees that are left unpruned often: 1. The Tree will Spread diseases Like many other plants, trees can contract diseases that spread throughout the branches of the affected tree as well as other nearby trees. Tree pruning stops arboreal diseases from spreading through your own backyard, and throughout your entire neighbourhood. 2. The Tree will Die When a tree is infected by a disease and struggling to survive, failure to cut away affected branches could result in the death of the entire tree. Tree pruning prevents the disease from spreading. 3. Falling Branches can Cause Damage During a high wind or a severe storm, dead or dying branches are easily ripped from the tree. These branches pose a threat to anyone unfortunate enough to be standing underneath and can also damage near-by furniture, fixtures and cars. When a tree isn’t pruned properly, the branches can grow too close to power lines or windows. If left unpruned, branches may cause damage to the side of your home or even break a window. 4. The Tree can Stop Producing Fruit Just like a plant, dead leaves and branches sap energy from the rest of the tree. Too many dead limbs will result in a sickly tree that produces very little fruit. Tree pruning is the best way to encourage new growth and increase your yield. For more information on the benefits of having an arborist prune your trees, visit All Season Tree Service Alberta in Edmonton. A trained and dedicated arborist from All Season Tree Service Alberta can help you with professional bracing, pruning and shaping, stump grinding and tree removal in Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park and anywhere in between. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to get a free estimate.

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