an arborist in a cherry picker truck examining branches growing too close to power lines

What You Should Know About Tree Pruning & Utility Line Clearing

Is there a tree growing too close your power lines?

Is there a tree on your property or in your neighbourhood that’s growing too close to a power line? If so, you’ll want to take steps to guarantee that it gets pruned appropriately. This will help ensure that all potential dangers are successfully averted.


When pruning is the property power’s responsibility

If a tree living on your property is growing toward a power line, it’s your responsibility to get it pruned. You should always be sure to call in a professional arborist to perform this type of job, as pruning near power lines is dangerous and presents a serious risk of electrocution.


When pruning is the city’s responsibility

According to the City of Edmonton, if a tree on city property is growing toward a power line, the City has a responsibility to prune it. However, you’re encouraged to contact the City to inform them about the issue. Simply call 311.

If you’re concerned about a neighbour’s tree, discuss the issue with the property owner. If you can’t resolve the issue with them, call 311 after noting their address. You may be contacted by a Municipal Enforcement Officer (MEO) or a Community Standards Peace Officer (CSPO) as they follow up with the complaint investigation.


The dangers of trees near power lines

When a tree encroaches on a power line, it presents the following dangers:

  • Electrocution. Trees can become conductors of electricity when they come into contact with a power line. This can result in serious injury or death of people close by.
  • Fire. If a branch is touching a power line, the electricity can make the tree hot enough to catch fire. The fire can spread to nearby trees, vegetation and buildings, putting the surrounding community at risk. If this is wildfire season, the damage can be of disastrous proportions depending on where you live.
  • Power outages. If a tree branch that’s hanging over a power line falls, it can interfere with the electrical system, causing outages in your home and throughout the entire neighbourhood.


Other circumstances in which pruning is required

It’s also your responsibility to prune any trees and shrubs that hang over your yard and interfere with local traffic using the sidewalks and roads beside your property.


In addition, there are also circumstances in which pruning a tree in your yard is simply the wise thing to do, including when:


  • Branches become too long or heavy for the trunk
  • When branches die
  • When trees start to grow too close to your home


Tree Pruning and Residential Utility Line Clearing in Edmonton

For tree pruning and utility line clearing in Edmonton, trust the arborists at All Season Tree Service. Our experienced team will prune your trees and shrubs in a way that promotes their health and maintains their beauty. To learn more about our tree pruning and trimming services in Edmonton, or to get professional advice, contact us today.