cleaning up the yard by pruning a tree in the spring sunshine

Get Your Yard Ready with a Spring Tune-Up After a Long Winter!

Alberta-native trees and shrubs are capable of withstanding most of what a tempestuous winter throws at them. But they still need some help in the springtime!

A little maintenance is all it takes to make sure that your greenery thrives in the coming spring and summer months. Here’s what you should do to ensure that your trees and shrubs remain healthy all summer long!

Remove debris from the winter

No matter how well you cleaned up in the fall, winter is sure to have left a bit of a mess. This debris makes it hard for trees and other plants to get the nutrients they need. Remove any fallen leaves, twigs and branches to allow your yard to flourish.

It’s the best time to prune!

Tree pruning helps control the size of a tree and removing dead or damaged branches keeps it healthy. The best time for pruning is before the leaves start growing. It’s easier to see the branches better and there’s a lower chance of introducing bacteria when there’s still a chill in the air. Using clean pruning shears is an absolute must and don’t remove more than 25 per cent of the branches. 

Remove old stumps from your yard

An old tree stump can be almost as dangerous as a sick or dead tree. People can trip over it and rotting wood can attract all sorts of pests, fungus, and disease.Stump grinding only takes an hour or two, is environmentally friendly and leaves you with a clear yard you’ll enjoy all summer. 

Find out more about why stump grinding is our preferred method of removal!

Remove hazardous, sick or dead trees

Is there a tree on your property that’s been sick over the last few years or didn’t survive the winter storms? If so, trimming, pruning and cabling may not be enough. Removing a diseased or badly damaged tree that’s become an eyesore or a hazard may be the best action to take for the sake of the people in your household and the other trees around it. 

Trim shrubs and hedges

Because they have yet to really get started growing, early spring is the best time to trim most shrubs and other hedges. Removing old branches leaves room for new growth. Make sure remove no more than one-third of the plant. 

Speak with a Local Professional To Get Your Yard in Top Shape!

If you’d rather have a professional take care of your spring clean-up and inspect the health of your yard, All-Season Tree Service is more than happy to help! We offer tree and shrub pruning, trimming, tree removal and stump grinding to households all over Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Call us today to make an appointment!