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How To Celebrate Alberta Forest Week And Arbor Day

As the days grow longer and daytime temperatures climb above freezing, the beginning of spring is a reminder of the importance of trees as they come out of their winter hibernation.

Therefore, it’s hardly a coincidence that Arbor Day and Alberta Forest Week are on the horizon. These events celebrate trees and the myriad benefits they provide. Here’s what you need to know about this special celebration.


The History of Arbor Day

In short, Arbor Day is a once-a-year celebration of trees. Although the first Arbor Day took place in Mondoñedo, Spain, in 1594, its more recent beginnings were on April 10, 1872, in Nebraska. Julius Morton, then newspaper editor turned U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, founded this day to encourage the appreciation and protection of trees. The idea quickly spread throughout the United States and around the world to countries like Brazil, Australia, Germany and Canada.


Arbor Day in Alberta

In Canada, Arbor Day celebrations typically take place in early May. However, each province celebrates differently. For instance, Edmonton Arbor Day takes place on the Friday before May 10. This year, Calgary’s Arbor Day falls on May 6, 2022. Given the importance of trees to Alberta’s economy, it’s hardly surprising that Arbor Day happens during Alberta Forest Week, which happens during the first week of May.

The traditional way to celebrate Arbor Day and Alberta Forest week is by planting trees. Each year, the City of Edmonton gives out around 15,000 seedlings to elementary school students to plant on Arbor Day. Similarly, for over 60 years, the Alberta government has given out approximately 70,000 seedlings to grade-one students during Alberta Forest Week.


How to Celebrate Arbor Day

If you’re looking for ways to mark Arbor Day, why not visit a local nursery and purchase seedlings to plant on your own? Other ways to celebrate Arbor Day include learning about local tree species and teaching others about what you know. For example, you can take a walk in your neighbourhood or local forest with friends and family to admire the trees and share your knowledge.


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