Tree & Shrub Services

Our tree and shrub services include:
Tree Removal
We remove dead or damaged trees safely and efficiently

Tree & Shrub Pruning & Shaping
We prune and shape trees and shrubs for improved health

Stump Grinding
We remove and grind stumps
All Season Tree Service truck used for Edmonton Tree Removal

All Season Tree Service – Your Stump & Tree Removal in Edmonton

Are your shrubs overgrown and your trees drooping? Is the greenery on your lot in need of a makeover? Our team has the tools and training to transform your yard from sloppy to sublime.
Not only do we prune and shape shrubs, we offer full tree and stump removal services in Edmonton as well. By offering convenient and reliable services, our committed staff wants to help you say “so long” to unwanted greens and “hello” to a cleaner, fresher, outdoor sanctuary.
We’re Committed
There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it—our All Season Tree Service team will get the job done. We are more than willing to go the extra mile in order to satisfy your unique needs. Our friendly, certified arborists are committed to using honest, ethical business practices in order to ensure you (and your yard) are well taken care of.
We’re Reliable
With over twenty years in the business, we pride ourselves on offering reliable service to every customer in Edmonton. Tree removal can be tricky—rely on our team to do it the right way.
We’re Convenient
If you want a free estimate, we’ll come to you! As an owner-operated business, we offer personalized services. We want to fill your every need: our owner is more than willing to pick up the phone and answer any questions you might have. Call 780-464-2436 today to schedule a free estimate!