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Your Professional Arborist serving Edmonton and Surrounding Areas Since 1992

A trusted and proven arborist in Edmonton, All Season Tree Service has been in business since 1992 as your complete tree contractor. We know the Edmonton area and the city’s bylaws governing tree maintenance. Our reputation as the company to call for a professional arborist in Edmonton is built on close to a quarter-century of consistently delivering expert tree trimming services and more to homeowners and businesses. Our team offers you the comprehensive tree and shrub services you need to completely transform your property.

Why Do You Need an Arborist?

Trees are too valuable in our warming world to be neglected or removed without knowledgeable assessment. We offer the services of a professional arborist so Edmonton property owners can make educated decisions about the trees that have such a significant impact on the health of our environment and the beauty of our neighbourhoods.

A professional arborist has the proven knowledge and experience to properly assess the condition of your trees and to do pruning, bracing or tree removal safely. Working on high branches or cutting large trees is not a DIY job—it’s dangerous and it is best for you and surrounding trees, landscapes and buildings to let an expert handle it.

Your Edmonton Arborist Helps You Preserve Property Values

We know that your trees can be both an investment and a liability in your property. Lush, healthy trees add to your property value and hazard trees can result in expensive emergencies should they damage your buildings, power lines or sewer pipes. You may be able to recognize obvious signs of an unhealthy tree—the trunk may be cracked or damaged, there may be many bare branches or it may be leaning heavily. Our arborist offers Edmonton homeowners a more in-depth assessment, taking into account the age and size of the tree and its crown, its surroundings, infestations and disease. Our goal is to offer you the most affordable options to preserve the trees on your property. With professional assessment by our arborist, Edmonton property owners can add to property values and minimize risks.

Here are some of the services offered
by your All Season Tree Service arborist in Edmonton:

Tree Removal

Whether you have drooping, older trees that are near the end of their useful life cycle or you have a tree damaged in a storm, we can safely and efficiently remove it from your property. We will prevent any damage to your home in the process. Our arborist in Edmonton will provide an evaluation of your trees in question and let you know if they need to be removed or if they need a simple trimming. As always, we offer free estimates on every removal.

Tree and Shrub Pruning and Shaping

Dead branches, heavy branches, and trees growing close to you home need to be properly trimmed and pruned to make sure that they don’t cause damage in the event of a storm or so that further growth doesn’t cause damage. If you have fruit trees on your property proper pruning will make sure that your fruit production stays high. Contact us today to find out how we can help prevent your trees from damaging your home, power lines, and windows.


If you have a tree that has split on your property it can still be saved with proper bracing. A split tree, called a double leader, can cause damage in the event of a storm, but our arborist in Edmonton can brace and cable a split tree to help it grow back together as well as stabilize it for the present.

Stump Grinding

A troublesome stump from a removed tree takes up valuable room in your lawn or garden, but we can remove it with our stump grinding services. Let our experience and equipment take care of the difficult task of stump grinding. We can grind the stump down far enough to allow you to install plantings or perform other landscaping work over the area.

Disease Consultation

Discoloured leaves and bare spots on the trunk of a tree could be the signs of disease that has set in. Our arborist in Edmonton can diagnose many tree diseases and help you with the rehabilitation process that can restore them to their natural beauty. We have experience in treating bacterial, fungal and insect infestations that often cause problems in trees. Let us help by contacting us if you believe you have a problem.

Storm Damage

If you have had a storm knock down or damage trees on your property, it can be difficult to remove the downed limbs. That is where we come in. We have experience in dealing with everything the harsh Alberta weather can do to trees. We want to keep your trees healthy and strong by preserving them through rain, wind, and snow.

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