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At All Season Tree Service, we pride ourselves on the many satisfied customers who recommend our services to their friends in the Edmonton area. When you tell your friends about us, that’s when we know we’ve done a great job! If you're an existing customer of All Season Tree Service and would like to share your own testimonial, contact us today.

Quick & Efficient Service

Hi Marc,

Thank you for the quick and efficient service. Your young tree removal fellows were most pleasant.

Thank you once more,


A Quick Response

Thank you for responding so quickly to my drama with a cranky neighbour. Your work was quick, clean and very efficient. Thank you for your services.


Tree Removal Service

Hello Marc,

This is a brief note of thanks and appreciation for the tree removal services your team recently provided.

Given your knowledge of the industry, are you able to recommend a landscaping company that would come and provide a written quote to fix up my front lawn?

Once again, I thought you and your team did an excellent job, and I wanted to let you know your service was appreciated.

All the best,

Joe C.

A Tremendous Rescue

Dear Marc,

This letter is to express our tremendous thanks to you which was earned from the moment I called you yesterday to ask if you could please help us in rescuing our cat from the top of a very tall tree. Without the slightest hesitation, you simply said you would have your crew out in 2 to 3 hours, and indeed, in 3 hours, Miles and Jordan arrived on the scene. Carrying their long extension ladder, they maneuvered it through the bush to the tree where Tommy was perched. They assessed the situation and the tree, and with friendly, youthful bantering back and forth together, they tackled the task at hand with near fearlessness! When their first attempt failed in reaching Tommy, they tied a rope at the top of the tree, moved the ladder to another tree that luckily was close enough to the first, and Jordan once again climbed up the ladder, removed a couple branches above him, and from standing on the very top rung, then proceeded to shimmy a few feet up this thin tree! Incredible! Reaching Tommy, he lifted him out of the tree onto his shoulder and shimmied down to the top of the ladder, where Miles was waiting. Miles took Tommy from Jordan, and with one hand holding onto Tommy, climbed down the ladder and handed him into my anxious, happy and very relieved arms!

The rescue was accomplished in 2 hours! Marc, you have 2 terrific employees who were friendly, respectful, showed and expressed a warm, genuine caring, and just had the right attitude about the whole rescue, not once giving off the “it’s just a cat” that others easily do imply. They kept patient, not showing frustration, just determination to reach Tommy and bring him down. They literally went well above and beyond the job they did! Commend them well. Jordan and Miles deserve it.

Please share this letter with them as we want to once more say thanks guys! Great rescue! Add that to your job qualifications!

With our grateful appreciation,

Rex, Sharon and Tommy

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