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Any residential or commercial property in Spruce Grove would not be complete without trees! All Season Tree Service can help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees using a variety of techniques. From pruning, shaping, and bracing, to stump grinding and the removal of potentially dangerous trees, our team has the skills, expertise, and professional equipment needed to get the job done safely and effectively. Contact us today to get a free estimate!


Since 1992, we’ve been able to offer a wide range of prompt and affordable tree services to residential and commercial clients in Spruce Grove, including property owners, landlords and homeowners:

  • Tree removal
    Damaged, diseased or dead trees can present a serious safety hazard and should be removed at the earliest. Our team is available to make sure your job is completed safely.

  • Tree pruning
    If a tree in your property is growing too close to a building or power line, it might need to be pruned. Regular pruning not only helps maintain the look and shape of your trees, it also supports healthy growth by removing dead, cracked and diseased branches.

  • Stump grinding
    Stump grinding is the safest method to remove an unsightly stump in your property in Spruce Grove. Our stump grinding technique is quick and less disruptive than removing the entire stump and root system.

  • Commercial tree services
    Healthy trees can enhance the value of your commercial property. Our experts can help you manage the removal, pruning, trimming, shaping, bracing, and cabling of trees and shrubs on your housing, business, commercial and industrial complex.

Browse through our blog for some more helpful information and tips and tricks on proper yard care, tree removal, and disease prevention in Spruce Grove. All Season Tree Services will help you keep your property healthy and looking its best throughout the year!


Schedule your tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, or tree care service in Spruce Grove!

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