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Emergency Tree Service 24/7

for Edmonton, Sherwood Park, And Surrounding Cities

With over 30 years of experience, we have learned to expect the unexpected. Whether it is Mother Nature dumping an extra few feet of snow overnight, a literal lightning strike to bring down the power lines on your street, or even the negligence of a neighbor driving their car into your front yard’s tree, we have seen every kind of tree emergency in the Edmonton area that you can imagine. 

At All Season Tree Service we are committed to providing you with the best possible service in the region and that is why we offer emergency tree services 24/7 in Edmonton and the surrounding cities.

If you have a situation that requires immediate or emergency tree removal, call us at 780-464-2436!

What is Considered an Emergency?

An emergency tree removal is generally needed for trees that are hazardous, at risk of falling, have fallen over and are impeding access to your home or vehicle, or have fallen onto your home or vehicle thus damaging your property even further. If someone has been injured, call emergency services first.  

Emergency situations can be caused by a variety of things such as:

  • Storm damage: high winds knocking over a tree, heavy snow causing branches to break off and fall, lightning strikes, ice storms, excessive flooding, etc.
  • Tree Diseases: some damage can be caused if the tree is old and sick.
  • Human Error: an impact from a car or heavy equipment.


What you can Expect from our visit

An emergency tree removal will typically consist of a few components. 

The first part would be safely removing the downed tree itself. This is the problem that poses the greatest risk to you and your family, blockades access to your property and creates a hazard.


Once the tree is removed, what is left of the broken stump may still remain. We then recommend stump grinding as the safest and most reliable method to remove the last remnants of your tree.

Our professional arborists at All Season Tree Service can consult with you after arriving on scene and will be more than capable to advise you on whether or not you should have a tree removed and what the appropriate course of action would look like.

We offer fast turnarounds on emergencies, with more urgent situations getting priority. Please keep in mind that every situation is unique and yours may take more or less time depending on the job at hand.

Common reasons Emergency Tree Removal is Needed

  • Dead branches become hazardous:
    Large branches that have died are a real danger to anyone or anything passing beneath them. They should ideally be removed before they fall. Additionally, if you notice that all the dead branches are located on one side of the tree, it may be an indication of deeper root or trunk damage on that side. Call us to assess the situation.

  • Leaning trees:
    Any tree that leans more than 15% of vertical will be under a lot of stress and will likely require removal before too long. If you notice your tree leaning suddenly, it might be an indicator of weakened or broken roots.

  • Power lines:
    It is vital that you ensure your trees do not interfere with power lines. During thunderstorms, electricity can arc up to 10’, grounding out through nearby foliage and causing a power failure and structural damage to your home.

  • Placement of the tree:
    Having a tree hanging over your roof is definitely a hazard. Large species of trees should always be planted at least 20’ away from any structure. If the location of a tree interferes with sight lines of drivers or pedestrians in a way that causes hazards to traffic, it should be trimmed or removed entirely.

  • Trunk damage:
    If you see any indicators of internal decay – vertical cracks, seams, dead branch stubs, and open wounds – keep an eye on the tree. If more than 25% of the tree’s circumference is damaged, the tree should be removed.

Stump Grinding is our Preferred Choice of Removal

Once our emergency services team has removed the damaged or fallen tree, it is very likely that a jagged stump remnant is left behind. Rather than remove the whole stump with its root system, we suggest grinding it down instead. Our arborists will safely grind it down to below ground level, and then cover it up with dirt. Over time it will gradually decay with minimal disruption to you and your yard. This is both the quickest and most affordable stump removal option compared to DIY and using dangerous chemicals. 

Please read our stump grinding page for more valuable information. 


emergency tree services performed by a professional arborist

Stay Safe: In Case of Emergency - Contact All Season Tree Service 24/7

If you are in need of emergency tree services in Edmonton or any of the surrounding cities and area, please give us a call and we will get to your site as quickly as possible.

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