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If you admire nature's beauty, St. Albert can be your paradise. Nestled in the heart of Alberta, St. Albert is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes and vibrant community spirit. If you live in St. Albert, taking care of the natural beauty surrounding you becomes a part of your life!

As a tree care service provider in St. Albert, we understand the value of maintaining a healthy and thriving natural environment. Our tree care experts are dedicated to preserving the city's natural beauty by providing top-notch tree services in St. Albert and across Edmonton.

Looking for affordable tree removal and care services in St. Albert? Call All Season Tree Service now to get a free estimate!


Looking for top-notch tree services in St. Albert and beyond? Look no further! With over 30 years of experience, our skilled professionals have the expertise and knowledge to cater to all your residential and commercial tree care needs. Whether you're a property owner, landlord, or homeowner, we offer affordable and comprehensive solutions that ensure your outdoor space stays healthy and beautiful, including:

  • Tree removal: When removal is necessary, our skilled team is trained to handle the job. Damaged, diseased, or dead trees can pose serious safety risks and must be removed promptly. Trust us to provide expert tree removal services in St. Albert that minimize disruption to your property and ensure your safety. Our team is equipped to handle tree removal safely and efficiently.

  • Tree pruning and trimming: Maintaining your property's trees and shrubs can be a year-round task, but don't worry - we're here to help. If your trees are growing too close to buildings or power lines, pruning is necessary to maintain their shape and health. Our expert team offers comprehensive tree pruning services to keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful.

  • Stump grinding: Unsightly stumps can be a tripping hazard and detract from the beauty of your landscape. Our stump grinding technique is a safe and quick solution that removes the stump without damaging your property. Our skilled team uses specialized equipment to grind the stump into small pieces, freeing your landscape of unsightly stumps.

We are also available on-call 24/7 in case you need emergency tree removal services!


For over 30 years, we have proudly served St. Albert, Edmonton and the surrounding areas with our comprehensive and affordable tree services. Our team has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to handle all your commercial and residential tree care needs in St. Albert.

From tree removal and pruning to stump grinding and storm damage cleanup, we offer a full range of tree services that ensure your outdoor space's health, safety, and beauty. Thanks to our commitment to quality services and exceptional customer support, we have earned a reputation as one of the region's most reliable and trustworthy tree service providers.


Let us help you keep your trees and property looking their best year-round.

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