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All_Season_Tree_Service-arborist-edmonton stump of a tree that has been cut down in a yard

Do you have stumps in your yard?

Have you thought about removing them, but decided, “What the heck,” you have other priorities? Maybe it’s time to reconsider that stump removal in Leduc, Edmonton or St. Albert!

  1. Vermin. As stumps rot, they become prime nesting and feeding ground for beasties like ants, termites and other wood-loving insects. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if they stayed in the stump, but these critters have a tendency to gravitate to greener pastures when they get overcrowded… like your deck, shed or house!

  2. Convenience. Let’s face it; stumps are a headache to manoeuvre around when mowing, weeding or weed-whacking. There’s one way to finally solve that issue: call an arborist and get an estimate for stump grinding in Edmonton or Leduc.

  3. Space. We don’t all have the luxury of having a golf course-size yard… space is of the essence! That old stump might very well be hogging the ideal spot for that swing set, sand box or sauna!

  4. Curb appeal. How many people do you know think stumps add pizzazz to a yard? Stumps are just plain ugly, especially as they get older, bug ridden, rotten and shoot up suckers everywhere. Ask any real estate agent and they’ll tell you the same thing: “Get rid of that stump!” Not only will removing a stump make your yard a whole lot more attractive, it might very well also boost the value of your property.

  5. Safety. Contacting an arborist for stump removal in Edmonton or Leduc has another advantage: safety. Stumps have a way of tripping up little feet… and big ones, for that matter! Imagine this scenario: a new neighbour comes over for a barbecue, stumbles over that old stump, breaks an ankle… you get the picture? That’s right; stumps can be a liability!

  6. Suckers. Some tree species just love to shoot up suckers from their bases when they’re alive… and their stumps after they’re dead. These are hard to contain—before you know it, you could have an infestation where once there was a single tree! Not only are they ugly, they also sap nutrients from the soil which would be much better served feeding your tiger lilies!

Have questions regarding stump or tree removal in St. Albert or surrounding areas? At All Season Tree Service we have been your arborist of choice for tree and stump removal in Edmonton, St. Albert and Leduc since 1992! Call us today!


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