Put down that hose! Why you should not be watering your yard's tree stumps.

Don’t Waste Water on Your Tree Stumps – What To Do With Your Trunks & Stumps!

When it comes to tree stumps...put down that hose!

Yard maintenance can occasionally become surprisingly complicated, especially in the summer months when you need to be diligent about watering it regularly. It’s especially important to pay close attention to your trees, as they’re such a large part of your yard’s landscape. You might be tempted to give those tree trunks a bit of water when the weather gets warm, but in fact, this is NOT a great idea.

Why You Shouldn’t Water Your Tree Trunks

First, trees absorb water through their root systems, not through their trunks. This is part of why trees evolved to have leaves: rainwater gets scattered by the foliage so it seeps through the ground and eventually gets absorbed by the roots. Water that splashes against the trunk will only pool at the base of the tree, so while you may think you’re helping your tree by watering its trunk, you’re just wasting water. More importantly, remember that water contains bacteria. When water is filtered through the ground and absorbed through the roots, harmful bacteria are filtered out. But by watering the trunk directly, you may end up introducing harmful bacteria to the tree. This may lead to the tree becoming sick, at which point, you may be forced to have it cut down.

Consider Removing Your Tree Stumps 

If you’ve had to get a tree cut down, you’ll want to make sure the stump doesn’t hang around in your yard. For one thing, stumps don’t look great, but more importantly, they’re a serious hazard. Kids can trip over it, and so can neighbors or delivery people, and since the stump is on your property, you might find yourself liable. Even worse, stumps attract insects and vermin, and you might end up with an infested stump that does nothing except take up precious yard space.

How To Remove a Tree Stump

If you need to get rid of a stump, we recommend stump grinding. Stump grinding, the process of grinding the stump down to slightly below ground level, is often the most economical and the safest method of stump removal. To understand which course of action is best for your property, you’ll need to speak to our professional arborists and our team of stump removal experts.

All Season Tree Service: Stump Grinding 

Removing a stump requires some serious know-how, and you’ll need to make sure the people you hire can do the job safely. At All Season Tree Service, we are experienced and seasoned tree care specialists that can handle anything from the emergency tree removal after a storm to classic stump grinding. You can use our online contact us form or call us at 780-464-2436 today to get started!