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How To Deal with Storm-Damaged Tree Canopies

In Edmonton and other surrounding communities, your legal responsibility as a property owner includes the safe presence of your tree’s entire canopy, which includes leaves, branches, and stems. This is particularly important to be aware of in urban areas where homes and trees are often very close together, and any storm damage to your tree could have devastating and expensive consequences for you, your neighbours, and passersby.

large branch of a maple tree has fallen on a blue car


Rural Trees

Rural trees, of course, also experience heavy storm damage in high winds, rain, ice, snow, etc., which can compromise their integrity and lead to damage or injury. To ensure the health and safe standing of any storm-damaged tree, it is best to call a professional tree service.


Professional Tree Services After a Storm

Professional arborists know trees and understand the effects of storm damage on their health. A tree service is also best equipped to safely cut and clear branches as well as fallen trees, which require much more strength and power than just clearing away branches.


The professionals at All Season Tree Service know trees and your city’s bylaws governing tree maintenance. We can identify hazards and offer solutions that will prevent further damage to the tree, people, and property.


Common Storm Damage

  • Hanging, broken, or cracked limbs and branches that could fall at any moment or compromise the health of the tree by providing entry to unwelcome pests, disease, or rot.     

  • Heaving soil at the base of a tree and pulled root systems indicate a high risk of the tree falling in a future storm.

  • Leaning trees may also have a risk of falling, but a tree service can measure the angle of lean, assess the situation, and offer solutions.

  •  Broken treetops and uneven canopies should be tended to by professionals with the proper tools and techniques to safely assess and work at the top height of your trees without risking property damage or personal injury.

  • Similarly, proximity to powerlines needs to be tended to by professionals who know the proper procedures when working near electricity.

  • Overhang that obstructs street signs or threatens neighbouring property is best assessed by a tree service that knows the rules governing tree canopies and the safety risks of any storm damage. 

  • Fallen Trees are easy to spot, of course, but removing them safely and efficiently is not so easy. If you have a fallen tree, call a tree service for a quote to remove it and to deal with the stump and roots properly.

  • Split Trees can also be easily identified; however, dealing with them and determining if and how they can be saved often requires the expertise of tree service.

  • Decay, holes, and other cavities in the trunk may go unnoticed when you are only looking for the most visible signs of storm damage, but it is important to be aware of all current and potential weaknesses that could compromise your tree’s ability to weather the next storm.


Contact All Season Tree Service Today!

Have your trees been damaged in a storm? Our professional team will assess the situation and provide expert advice any season of the year! You can count on us to get the job done safely and efficiently. We proudly serve Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Beaumont.  




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