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All_Season_Tree_Service-arborist-edmonton: tree stump with new sprout growing out of it

Trees can live for hundreds of years, but not all of them do.

Just like people, they can get injured, sick or simply too old and eventually reach their demise. If your own tree requires removal from your Edmonton property, then All Season Tree Service—we’re an arborist serving Central Alberta—is available to lend our expertise. Of course, saying goodbye to a well-loved tree can be somewhat sad, especially for those who associate significant memories with it. These people may wish to preserve in some manner the essence of the particular tree. Here are a few ways to go about it. Tree slicesOnce your arborist fells the tree, removal is typically the next step. But why not ask the contractor to cut off one or more slices of the trunk first? These can be used to make decorative objects that you can keep in or outside your Edmonton home. Some possible ways to make use of tree slices include:

  • Use them as stepping stones along a path through your yard

  • Lay them down as flooring

  • Employ them as rustic cake stands or coasters

  • Paint them and hang them on your wall as art

  • Transform a single tree slice into a clock

  • Convert it into a dartboard

  • Attach slices to wall brackets and use them as shelving

There are many possible ways to use tree slices. You’re limited only by your imagination. Hollowed-out logs Another possible way to keep your tree’s spirit alive is to hollow out the trunk and use it in one of the following ways:

  • As a bookshelf

  • As a flower bed

  • As a set of bowls or cups

  • As the base of a drum

  • As a canoe

  • As a chair

Of course, these projects require the appropriate tools and a hefty dose of craftsmanship, but they’re completely doable for the right type of person. Lumber If you have the space for it, another possibility is to dry out the fallen tree and eventually cut it into lumber. If you do this, you can transform your beloved tree into just about any wooden configuration you wish to create. Artwork One final possibility is to create artwork that pays tribute to the importance of the tree in your life. You could:

  • Photograph the tree before it’s cut down, then make a print and frame it

  • Render the tree as painting or sketch

  • Write a poem or song about what the tree means to you

  • Make a wooden sculpture from a part of the tree

  • Create wooden beads that you can string and make into a necklace or bracelet

An arborist that cares When you call All Season Tree Service, tree removal is a cinch. However, saying goodbye might still be hard. Using any of the above means of preserving your tree can extend its life for many years to come. Contact us to let us know how we can help.

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