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The Benefits of Crown Thinning and Crown Raising for Edmonton's Trees

The urban environment and tree maintenance are high on the priority list for the city of Edmonton.

In fact, there's a plan to plant two million trees over an eight-year span. While you may not be planting trees in the community, you can do your part by caring for the trees you have on your property.

Tree care can be difficult to manage, which is why we're here to help. This guide explains the methods and benefits of tree care services related to tree pruning, tree removal, and more!

Crown Thinning Benefits

Crown thinning is a tree care service that you need to invest in if you live in Edmonton.

Over time, a tree's crown can become dense with branches and leaves. This density restricts the penetration of sunlight and proper airflow.

If not handled by a professional at All Season Tree Service, moisture could become stagnant and become a host for diseases. Tree care services that include crown thinning will allow more light and air to reach the inner portion of the tree.

When a tree becomes too heavy, it can pose a risk to your home and property. Tree shaping and pruning will remove some of the weight, lowering the chances of branches falling during a storm.

Advantages of Crown Raising

Crown raising is the process of removing the lower branches to increase the distance between the ground and the lowest branches of the tree.

This is beneficial to both the tree and the surrounding environment. In an urban setting, low-hanging branches could obstruct driveways, buildings, and other entrances. It also helps prevent diseases and pests from attacking the tree.

Crown raising can improve the visual appeal of a tree as well. When the lower branches that are damaged, dead, or obstructing the view are removed, it will make the tree more attractive. This technique can contribute to enhancing the landscape and overall aesthetics of a property.

By lifting the tree's canopy, crown raising allows more sunlight to reach the ground beneath the tree. This can benefit both the tree and the vegetation growing beneath it.

Improved airflow can also help reduce the risk of certain fungal diseases that thrive in damp and shaded environments.

Crown raising can also be seen as a safety precaution. If the tree is blocking the sidewalk, it can be difficult for pedestrians to get by. It reduces the risk of accidents caused by individuals colliding with or tripping over low branches.

Crowning Glory: The Art and Science of Tree Care Services in Alberta

While the benefits of crown thinning and crown raising are abundantly clear, execution is a key factor. Engaging in professional tree care services in Edmonton ensures that these procedures are performed with precision and care. This will ensure you receive the best outcome possible for you, the trees, and the urban environment.

All Season Tree Service has been your local tree contractor for over 30 years, serving Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, and all surrounding cities. We'll treat your yard like our own!

Contact us today or give us a call at All Season Tree Service to get a free estimate today!


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