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Common Tree Species in Edmonton & Sherwood Park

There are many different types of trees commonly found in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, Alberta. Our list below includes identifying features so you can determine what type of trees you have on your property, as well as some care tips and what pests and diseases commonly affect each type of tree.

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Below is a list of common tree species in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. It is by no means a comprehensive list, so if you think you have other types of trees on your property feel free to call us to learn more about them.

Aspens tree


  Height: 25m

  Leaves: Oval or heart-shaped leaves that are shiny on top, and greenish grey bark

  Growth: Fast growing tree

  Climate: Commonly found in forestland and riverbanks; prefers wetter areas

  Care: Little care required – ensure the soil is rich and well-drained 

  Pests: Leaf-feeding caterpillars, leaf beetles, mealybugs, scales and poplar petiolegall aphid

  Diseases: Cytospora canker and more

Colorado Spruce


  Height: 12m

  Leaves: Rigid needles attach to tree singularly; blue or green colour bark; symmetrical shape

  Growth: Fast growing

  Climate: Grow best in sunny locations with moist, well-drained, fertile soil; tolerates dry wind and dry soil

  Care: Little care required – water regularly during first season and during dry spells thereafter

  Pests: White pine weevils

  Diseases: Needle cast, canker of spruce and more

Lodgepole pine


Alberta's provincial tree

  Height: 20-30m

  Leaves: Yellow-green needles cluster in pairs of two and reach lengths of 2.5-7.5cm; cones remain on tree for years

  Growth: Adaptable tree that grows quickly

  Climate: Wet and dry climates; prefer sandy soil; not commonly used for landscaping purposes

  Care: Be sure to water young lodgepole pines and fertilize the tree 2-3 times the first year

  Pests: Mountain pine beetle and warren root collar weevil

  Diseases: Larch dwarf mistletoe, pine needle cast and more



  Height: 25m

  Leaves: Three-sided blue-green needles that fall to the ground in the fall; red-brown, scaly bark; round, small seed cones

  Growth: Fast growing in first 50 years for boreal conifers

  Climate: Tolerates varied climates, but commonly found in wetlands and valley slopes

  Care: Require constant moisture while growing but little care once established

  Pests: Larch sawfly, larch casebearer and spruce budworm

  Diseases: Dwarf mistletoe, canker disease and more

White spruce


  Height: 25-30m

  Leaves: Four-sided bluish-green needles are softer than others and stand out from all sides of the twigs in a spiral arrangement

  Growth: Relatively fast

  Climate: Hardy native tree; prefers sites with acidic soil, sunlight and more moisture than the Colorado spruce

  Care: Require little care – be sure to water young plants often

  Pests: White pine weevil, balsam fir sawfly, spruce budworm, spruce coneworm and more  Diseases: Red heart rot, root disease, root rot and more

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