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 STORM DAMAGE tree Service

call our experts in Edmonton AND SURROUNDING AREAS

Wind, rain, snow, lightning—all of these weather conditions can negatively affect and even harm the trees on your property. After a storm has passed over your property, there will often be great damage. Whether you have downed trees in your yard or severely damaged trees throughout your property, contact All Season Tree Service for storm and emergency tree service in Edmonton.


Our professional arborists will come to your property and assess any damage from a storm. Based on what is found, we will offer you recommendations about what should be removed from your yard and what is possible to save. As we all know, trees take many years to grow. This is why our team works hard to make sure you don’t remove any trees that are salvageable.


Fallen Tree or Downed Branches on Your Property?

Following a storm, we often receive requests to remove stray branches or even a fallen tree. Edmonton homeowners (and those in other Southern Alberta cities) can count on the experience of All Season Tree Service to get the job done right the first time. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained workers to quickly clear out tree limbs, branches, and fallen trees throughout the region. That is why our team is known for being fast, efficient, and cost effective. 


For help in removing branches or a fallen tree in Edmonton (or anywhere in Southern Alberta), call All Season Tree Service for a free quote today! We’re here for all your tree service needs. 



Storm-Damaged Tree hazard Analysis

Trees that have been split, battered, or damaged can pose a risk to people and property. If you have damaged trees on your property, our team can come out to analyze the extent of the damage, propose a solution, and provide you with a free quote. In many instances, trees that have been damaged by high winds can be saved through remedial measures, such as bracing. 


Unfortunately, only half of trees struck by lightning will survive. During a lightning strike, water and other liquids inside of a tree trunk instantly turn to gas, exploding the bark and other critical features. Trees that do survive a lightning strike will be greatly weakened and will most likely fall to high winds or disease within a few years. For prized property trees, a copper cable can be strung from its highest limb of the tree and grounded. This can be helpful in bypassing the electrical discharge of a lightning strike and saving your tree. 

Need URGENT Tree Service?

We have the expertise to help with all of your tree-related issues.


The harsh winters of Canada can affect the trees surrounding you severely. Winters can cause trees to receive ice glaze damage, frost cracks, downed branches and damage caused by strong winds. Protecting your trees during these harsh times can help save them. Although some trees release their own protective resin-like substance to protect themselves from winter storm damage, some trees need our help to survive.

Types of Winter Damage

  • Frost Damage: Caused by ice formation in plant tissues, they can affect stems, buds, leaves and roots. The formation of girdles, cankers, scabby barks, cracks, burls, ribs, rosetting and more occur during such damage.
  • Late Spring Frost Damage: Occurs in spring when the temperature drops below freezing point even before the new leaves and needles have fully developed. It is characterized by wilting, discolouration and dropping of foliage.
  • Winter Desiccation Damage: Also known as frost drought, this damage is caused by the exposure of the parts of trees above the ground level, to warm dry air and sun while the ground is still frozen.
  • Snow and Ice Glaze Damage: During heavy snowfall, the weight of the snow and ice glaze that accumulates on the branches can cause heavy damage. This weakens the stems by either freezing the tissues or breaking the branches.

Signs of Snow Damage

  • Wilting of branches
  • Scabby barks, cracks or cankers
  • Discolouration and defoliation of needles and leaves
  • Discolouration of foliage of whole or parts of trees
  • Reddish-brown discoloured patches on trees
  • Dieback or the progressive death of twigs, branches, shoots and roots, with the decay beginning at the tips

How We Can Help

As professional Arborists, we can help your trees and shrubs recover from snow and ice. Sometimes, we will have to wait for the snow or ice to melt around your trees before we can assess the winter storm damage. If only small limbs and twigs are frozen, the tree can make a full recovery. But if big branches are damaged, it becomes hard to save the tree. We can help in the following ways:

  • Help reduce the damage: We can always help you with any tips and tricks you can follow to save your trees. Watering the roots before the ground freezes during winters, covering open or damaged parts with paper or plastic and many more methods can be followed to reduce the damage. 
  • Pruning: Most of the severely frozen trees can be pruned to remove the damaged part of the tree. We know where to cut and how to save the tree from further damage and death. We avoid over pruning to make sure the tree remains healthy. 
  • No tree topping: We avoid tree topping to make sure the tree grows healthier. Removing of large structural branches only damages and weakens the tree in the long run.

SEASONAL Preventative Tree Service

If you’re worried about the potential damage to your trees from the fierce Alberta winters, contact All Season Tree Service. We want to help minimize any damage to your trees, and with our 20 years of experience our certified arborists can help you preserve your trees throughout rain, wind and snow. Call our experts now and schedule an appointment to keep the trees on your property healthy and strong with our emergency tree service in Edmonton.


Call us for Emergency Tree Service in Edmonton 

What exactly is an emergency tree service? Any time a tree is exhibiting signs that it may be ready to fall and could damage property or injure people, this can be considered a tree emergency. Some of these signs may include:

  • A hole or deep cavity in the trunk
  • Deep cracks or missing bark
  • Trunk is leaning more than usual
  • Roots are rotting
  • Bright growth is abnormally tight


If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, we invite you to call our emergency tree service in Edmonton or any other Southern Alberta city. Don’t wait for the tree to fall, causing further damage to property or injuries to people or pets — call All Season Tree Service, today!

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