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Tree maintenance Edmonton

How much do you really know about trees? There are many misconceptions about them and some commonly held beliefs can be harmful. When it comes to caring for trees, it’s necessary to separate fact from fiction. Here are eight common tree myths and misunderstandings.

1. Myth: Anyone can plant a tree Fact: While anyone can dig a hole in the ground, not everyone knows how to plant a tree correctly. Having a basic understanding of these plants can help ensure they thrive once planted. 2. Myth: Deep planting encourages strong roots Fact: Trees grow best when the top of the root ball is level with the soil. Planting them too deeply can damage the bark and kill the tree. 3. Myth: You should always stake trees after planting Fact: Trees actually grow stronger when they’re not staked. The wind helps to strengthen them. However, in some cases, staking may help to keep a tree upright. Make sure to remove stakes within six to 12 months to avoid girdling. 4. Myth: The more you water it, the more the tree will grow Fact: Water requirements vary depending on the tree. Some species are drought tolerant and don’t require much water. 5. Myth: Topping is good for trees Fact: Topping puts stress on a tree by removing essential foliage and forcing it to tap into its energy reserves. This can weaken a tree, leaving it more susceptible to disease. 6. Myth: Tree wounds require paint Fact: When a tree is injured, it goes through a process of compartmentalization where it separates the damaged tissue from the healthy tissue. Wound paint can interfere with this process and prevent new bark from forming over the injury. 7. Myth: Anyone can successfully prune a tree Fact: While almost anyone can cut tree branches with the right tools, not everyone knows how to do so correctly. Harmful pruning techniques can damage your tree. It’s best to leave the pruning to a professional arborist. 8. Myth: Trees don’t require maintenance Fact: Trees often thrive in forests without any upkeep, but urban conditions are more challenging. Urban trees are exposed to pollution, confinement, poor soil conditions, asphalt, overhanging wires and many other potential stressors and obstacles. Proper maintenance can help keep the trees in your yard strong and resilient.


All Season Tree Service offers comprehensive tree maintenance and pruning services year-round. Our professional arborists have the knowledge and expertise to address all your tree-related issues. To book an appointment or learn more, contact us today.


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