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Do you have decorative, fruit, or shade trees on your property? Do you want those trees to remain beautiful and healthy for many years to come? Then you should probably take the time to invest in professional tree trimming and pruning services from an arborist at All Season Tree Service. We offer year-round tree trimming and tree pruning in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and the surrounding areas. Both services should be done at various times throughout the year to make your landscaping the best it can be. Pruning is typically done annually, while trimming is recommended at least twice a year. However, the frequency for both tree services is best determined by the specific species of plants you have growing on your property.

Why Pruning is Good for Your Trees

Tree pruning is the sometimes complicated process of removing specific tree branches in order to benefit the entire tree’s overall health. The best time to prune your trees is late winter, early spring, or sometimes right before the tree begins to open its buds. However, it’s not recommended to prune during an especially hot, dry period or in the midst of extreme cold. So, how does pruning your trees keep them healthy? It may seem counter-intuitive, but pruning actually saves your trees and your home from a few serious problems:

  • Dead branches: Sometimes trees have limbs or branches that die but stay attached. These dead limbs look ugly, but they also invite harmful insects and even rot into your trees. Trimming prevents this problem.
  • Heavy branches: Any tree can grow limbs and branches that are too long and heavy for the trunk. Something as simple as wind or growing fruit could break the limb or trunk and kill the entire tree. When we prune your trees, we can make sure that this doesn’t happen.
  • Close proximity to your home: If you have trees planted close to windows or power lines, they will grow into these dangerous areas eventually. They’ll tangle in the power lines or scrape up against or even break your windows. If you notice these problems, give us a call. We’re available around the clock to come to your rescue.


However, pruning isn’t just for trees. You should also regularly prune your shrubs to encourage proper flower and fruit development. Pruning your shrubs helps you better control their size and shape while keeping them well-proportioned and dense without unwanted branches, suckers, or anything else that might take away from the plant’s overall appearance and/or health. As a good rule of thumb, you should prune each shrub within 6 inches of the ground and thin out the branches to allow for better spacing, while taking the time to remove any broken, diseased, or crossing roots that might cause further damage. Remember, growing hedges will need to be pruned often, at least once in the spring and once in the summer!

CONSISTENT, HIGH-QUALITY pruning & Trimming in the Edmonton area!

Tree trimming isn’t just for health or safety purposes either. Trimming is primarily done to ensure the desired growth of your tree or shrubbery. By removing overgrown bushes, you can ensure your remaining trees and shrubs get the proper amount of sunlight and moisture so they can continue to grow healthy. 

If you want to give your property a truly professional and clean appearance, ask us about our tree-shaping services. We’ll make your yard look neat and sophisticated in no time. Want to learn more about tree trimming in Edmonton? We’d be more than happy to answer your questions. Email us or call us at 780-464-2436 today!

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