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maple tree maintenance

The maple tree is a well-known Canadian symbol, and depictions of its leaves have graced the country’s flag, coins and military attire since the 18th century. More recently, Canada chose the maple tree as its official arboreal emblem. In honour of Canada Day, which took place earlier this month, here’s a look at some of the different varieties of maple trees.


There are more than 150 types of maple trees around the world. Here are 10 varieties that are native to Canada:

  1. Sugar maples can live for over 400 years and reach heights of more than 100 feet. In the fall, their leaves turn a bright shade of red. They’re indigenous to southern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

  2. Black maples resemble sugar maples in size and shape. They grow along the deciduous forest region from Ottawa to Montreal.

  3. Silver maples are fast-growing trees that can sprout more than two feet per year. They prefer several hours of direct sunlight each day.

  4. Douglas maples are found throughout the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. They have broad root systems.

  5. Bigleaf maples have wide leaves that can extend up to 60 centimeters wide. They’re found throughout Western Canada.

  6. Red maples have dense crowns, making them excellent shade trees. The twigs, buds, flowers and leaf stalks are usually bright red.

  7. Mountain maples grow from Saskatchewan to Eastern Canada. They have short, crooked trunks and shallow roots.

  8. Striped maples have vertical stripes on their bark. They’re native to northeastern America.

  9. Vine maples are short, shrubby trees. They thrive in moist soils and can be found in southern parts of British Columbia.

  10. Manitoba maples, also known as box elders, are native to southern Manitoba.


The maple tree has a long and colourful history. Here are some interesting facts about them:

  • The sugar maple is the national tree of Canada.

  • The maple tree inspired the nation’s confederation song “The Maple Leaf Forever”.

  • The maple leaf appeared on all the country’s coins from 1876 to1901 and on the Canadian penny until it stopped circulating in 2012.

  • The 11-pointed maple leaf was added to the country’s flag in 1965. It was designed based on the leaves of the sugar maple tree.


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