Small sparrows enjoying some seeds from a feeder in a tree

Attract Birds To Your Yard: Tree Tips For Bird Enthusiasts

If you’d like to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden, here are some guidelines to make your trees more inviting from a bird’s eye view.

You don’t have to be an ornithologist or an environmentalist to gain a general sense of well-being from sitting in a garden that’s alive with the flutter and chatter of birds. And the benefits go beyond esthetics: since birds eat seeds and insects, they also help control the spread of weeds and pests.

Food And Water

Birds require ample food for themselves and their offspring. Choose trees with a rich food supply like the chokecherry or the dogwood. A crab apple tree will provide year-round nourishment from blossom to fruit to seeds.

You can encourage birds by installing feeders and water sources, and then keeping them full. Birds will be attracted to foods with high fat content like suet, nuts and seeds.

When temperatures dip below zero, it’s important to ensure the birds’ water supply doesn’t freeze. If using a heater to keep the water flowing, be sure to follow safety guidelines. If you have containers with standing water, change the water regularly to prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria.


Safe Nesting

Like humans, birds need a safe place to call home. Your property is most inviting to them when your garden mimics their natural nesting spaces. Let grass grow longer in some areas and leave brush in places where birds have easy access. In addition, by keeping your trees in good health, you’ll make your garden more appealing to your avian neighbours.

Constructing birdhouses is an excellent way to provide safe nesting spaces, and there are plenty of options to choose from. If you do introduce birdhouses, you’ll need to time their placement to align with seasonal nesting patterns.


Mindful Tree Care

Birds will be drawn to trees that are native to their natural habitat. To attract a wide variety, it’s a good idea to have a mix of trees that can offer different types of nesting spaces and provide ample nourishment. Be mindful as you care for your trees and fertilize the soil to avoid chemicals that may be harmful to wildlife.


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