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How to tackle the most common tree root problems

Keep reading to learn more about tree root problems, how to prevent them and when to call a professional.

Planting trees is a natural and eco-friendly way to add beauty to your property. They can increase your curb appeal, provide shade and create a barrier against wind and sound. But even the most beautiful tree can be a problem if the roots grow too close to your home. Keep reading to learn more about tree root problems, how to prevent them and when to call a professional. 

What are the most common root issues property owners face? 

Tree roots aren’t usually a consideration until they start causing damage to nearby structures. The most common root problems include: 

  • Pipe damage or blockage. As a tree’s roots grow, they may penetrate into underground pipes. This typically occurs when the pipe is already vulnerable, either from a crack or a failure at the joints.

  • Raised or cracked pavement. The roots of a tree planted too close to the pavement, or in compacted soil, can place pressure on nearby paved surfaces causing them to lift, crack or break.

  • Lawn damage. Trees with root systems that grow close to the surface may become exposed over time. This can result in large lumps in the lawn that are difficult to mow, are easily wounded or present a tripping hazard.


How to manage tree roots

The best way to manage root problems is to prevent them. If you’re planting new trees on your property, find out how large the species is expected to grow, how far the root system will spread and whether or not the roots grow close to the surface. You’ll also want to properly prepare the soil, so it doesn’t become overly compacted. 


When to call a professional

Always consult a professional arborist for tree root removal. Trying to remove portions of the root system yourself can create instability in the tree, which puts it at risk of falling and causing even more damage. An experienced tree professional can assess the situation and help you decided on the best course of action. 


How stump grinding can prevent future damage

Even if you’ve had a tree removed from your property, the root system may still continue to grow. If this is the case, grinding away the stump can prevent the invasive root systems from growing after removing the tree, thereby preventing any further damage to your property. 


Tree root removal and stump grinding in Edmonton

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