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broken tree ready to be removed

Removing a tree from your yard can be a great idea for several reasons. If a tree has gotten too big, it can block the sunlight that helps your yard—including your garden—grow. Trees can also be genuine hazards to your home if they’re not in good health.

When they begin to die and parts begin to rot, it compromises their ability to withstand high winds. One strong storm can bring a dying tree down on your car or your home, endangering you and your property. At All Season Tree Service, we provide tree removal services to the Edmonton, St. Albert and Fort Saskatchewan areas. Although bringing a tree down seems like a simple enough task, it’s actually quite complicated and can be dangerous. That’s why we recommend always getting a professional to take care of any tree removal jobs you might have in the Edmonton area. The point isn’t just to bring a tree down. It’s also to bring it down safely and precisely, so your lawn, house, and neighbours’ houses aren’t damaged. That requires the right knowledge and the right equipment. When is the best time of year to remove a tree? Luckily, trees can be removed all year round and each season presents different advantages and different challenges for tree removal. Although many people may think that winter in Alberta isn’t the ideal time for lawn-care, it’s not the case for tree removal. Here are just a few reasons winter is a great time to get your tree taken care of: • Less disruption for your lawn Although a frozen ground typically makes most lawn and garden-care tasks more difficult, it isn’t so with tree removal. Your lawn will actually be more protected from any unavoidable impacts. • Gardens and other plants are dormant Taking a tree down—particularly a large one—requires equipment and workers. With your garden and other plants dormant for the winter, there’s little chance they’ll be affected in any way by the work. • Less inconvenience for you Keeping your lawn and garden beautiful takes a lot of work and care. In the warmer months you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of your blooming plants. Having work done in winter—particularly loud work that requires chainsaws—is a great way to have more quiet in your yard in the spring and summer. • Safer to remove infected trees in winter In many cases, the dormancy period of winter can, in fact, be an advantage when removing infected trees. If the disease is dormant too, there’s less chance of it spreading. Contact All Season Tree Service to Have Your Tree Removed Today! If you have an unsightly, inconvenient, or hazardous tree, contact us to connect with an experienced arborist at All Season Tree Service today. We provide tree removal services anywhere in the Edmonton, St. Albert, or Fort Saskatchewan areas.


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