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shrubs in a garden

When choosing the types of trees or shrubs that will decorate your Alberta home’s yard, it’s important to consider the time you’re willing to invest in their upkeep.

Certain species require a bit of pruning now and again, while others need an inordinate amount of care. Ideally, the best trees and shrubs to boost your home’s curb appeal will be attractive and fairly easy to maintain. Low-maintenance options If you enjoy gardening but have limited time on your hands, you might want to opt for robust, hardy plants that perform well year after year and require very little maintenance. The following species allow you to personalize your space and enjoy it without having to put in too much work.

  • Blue spruce is a magnificent tree with bluish needles that radiate in the sun. Its imposing, pyramidal shape immediately adds character to the surrounding landscape. This type of spruce requires little to no maintenance and can thrive almost anywhere, as long as you give it enough space to grow.

  • Japanese boxwood is a popular choice of hedge plant in Edmonton. Unlike the common boxwood, it’s resistant to frost and doesn’t mind full sun. This compact, dense shrub requires only occasional pruning to preserve its pristine shape.

  • Red maple is a glorious tree that provides ample shade! Like many maple tree varieties, the red maple adapts to many different soil conditions and can thrive in varying temperatures. It requires pruning once in the summer and is favoured for its eye-popping foliage in the fall.

  • Spirea shrubs are some of the hardiest and easiest plants to grow. They don’t need special attention, particular soil conditions or winter protection. For minimal care, you will get bushes that display clusters of pink and white flowers in the spring and vibrant, colourful leaves in the fall.

High-maintenance options Certain plants that are pest-prone, structurally weak or intolerant of environmental stresses will generally require more maintenance. Although stunningly beautiful, the species listed below may simply require too much care for the average homeowner.

  • Weeping willows are whimsical trees with long, slender branches. Despite their magical appeal, willows are known to have a brittle structure that can break with heavy snow loads and high winds.

  • Mulberry trees are known to produce impressive amounts of pollen, which attracts numerous insects, especially silkworms. Furthermore, their dense foliage creates a canopy of shade so thick that grass refuses to grow underneath.

  • Wisteria is a popular ornamental plant well known for its cascading purple flowers. However, it grows quite rampantly and requires a lot of (careful!) pruning. One wrong snip and flowers will cease to grow.

  • Magnolias are another popular flowering plant. While relatively simple to maintain once they reach full maturity, saplings require adequate frost protection. Magnolias also tend to be picky with their soil, preferring a rich, well-drained earth.

Edmonton’s arborist of choice For a beautiful, well-maintained exterior, entrust your landscaping needs to Edmonton’s professional arborists at All Season Tree Service. We have the expertise to help with all of your tree maintenance needs, from tree trimming to full tree and stump removal. If you live in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park or the surrounding Alberta regions and are looking for professional arborists who know how to expertly handle a pair of pruning shears, look no further! Contact All Season Tree Service today for your free estimate.


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