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tree pruning in alberta

Pruning tree limbs can be a great improvement to the look and health of your overall landscape; however, trees trimmed at the wrong time can suffer irreparable damage.

A trusted and proven arborist in Edmonton, All Season Tree Service offers expert advice on tree trimming to ensure a professional and clean appearance, optimizing your home’s curb appeal!


Pruning your trees is an excellent way to encourage vitality and ensure a vigorous and healthy growth come spring. Common reasons to prune your trees include:

  • Health: To remove dead, damaged or diseased branches, stimulate growth and encourage flower and fruit development.

  • Safety: To maintain a strong tree structure and avoid obstructing or low-hanging branches that could give way in a storm.

  • Aesthetics: To maintain the tree’s natural form or stylize your yard with tree-shaping practices.


The appropriate time for tree pruning will depend on the reason behind the trim. It’s common practice to prune trees during dormancy—late winter to early spring, just before buds start opening—with the exception of dead or diseased branches, which should be cut immediately to avoid infecting neighbouring plants. A fresh cut in warmer months can be an easy entry point for diseases or pests. Additionally, avoid pruning in the fall as wounds heal slower and decay fungi spread their spores profusely during this period, allowing the opportunity for contamination. Finally, waiting to trim your trees in dormant months allows for a better view of imperfections.


It’s important to note that individual species may differ in their maintenance needs and that tree trimming practices are not universal. For example, trees that flower or bear fruit should be pruned immediately after they finish blooming, whereas trees grown primarily for their foliage—commonly referred to as deciduous trees—should be pruned in spring before growth begins. It’s always best to consult your local Edmonton arborist for proper landscaping care. Most importantly, never compromise your safety! Tree pruning involves manipulating sharp and heavy equipment, often at high levels. All Season Tree Service’s experienced team of arborists can get the job done safely and quickly. Remember to always seek professional help if the intended work falls in close proximity to power lines. Whether you’re looking to beautify your Edmonton home or ensure the continued health of your greenery, All Season Tree Service can be of help. Contact our qualified team today for a free estimate on your landscaping needs!


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