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When To Worry About Leaning Trees

Leaning trees are a common sight on many properties. Some leaning trees are dangerous, while others aren’t. Knowing the difference is necessary when deciding if you need to remove a tree in your yard. Here’s an overview of why some trees lean and what types of leaning trees pose a threat to your property.


4 common reasons why trees lean

Trees lean for a variety of reasons. Here are four common causes:

  1. There’s a lack of sunlight. Trees need sunlight to thrive. Consequently, they’ll twist and lean towards sunny spots to get enough light. However, these trees grow deep roots to counterbalance the weight distribution. Therefore, they’re usually structurally solid.

  2. There are high winds. Trees growing in areas with significant winds from a prevailing direction will lean in the opposite direction. This is a gradual process, and the tree will grow substantial roots to compensate for the lean. However, if a tree in your yard suddenly leans after a storm with heavy winds, it could be at risk of falling over.

  3. The soil is unstable. Saturated soil and erosion caused by heavy rainstorms can cause trees to lean. If the soil surrounding a mature tree becomes unstable, the tree could topple on a windy day, posing a threat to anything near it.

  4. The tree was improperly planted. If a tree is planted at an angle, it could grow crooked. Simply replanting the tree can alleviate this problem.


If a tree in your yard has toppled over during inclement weather, All Season Tree Service offers 24/7 emergency tree services to prevent any further damage to your home and property.


What to do about a leaning tree

Not all leaning trees need to be removed. The team at All Season Tree Service can assess your tree and determine what to do. Our arborists can correct a tree’s lean by the following means:

  • Replanting the tree
  • Using braces or cables to strengthen the tree’s structure
  • Staking a young tree until it establishes deeper roots
  • Pruning branches to correct the weight imbalance
  • Tree removal

It’s best to call a professional Edmonton arborist as soon as you notice a leaning tree in your yard. They can correct the lean before it creates a hazard.

Tree removal and tree bracing in Edmonton and the surrounding area

At All Season Tree Service in Edmonton, our arborists can determine which trees in your yard are safe and which ones pose a threat to your property. We provide tree removal, tree bracing and tree pruning services. We’re located in Edmonton and serve clients in the surrounding communities. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.