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Knowing the best time to give them a trim can be more difficult as it depends on what kind of tree you have and how you want to control its growth.

Tree pruning is a great way to control the size of your trees and help them grow healthy by clearing away all the dead branches and other clutter and debris that accumulates over an Edmonton or Leduc winter. When should I trim? For most trees and shrubs, it’s best to prune them before the season in which they have the most growth. For fruit trees, for instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to prune them just as they’re starting to bear fruit. For most deciduous trees, which lose their foliage during the winter, pruning is best done in late winter or early spring—roughly between February and April. This avoids the worst of the winter cold but is just before their prime growing season. By the same token, any shrubs or trees that flower early, in the spring, shouldn’t be pruned in late winter. That would only hamper their ability to grow in a healthy way. If you’re unsure when the prime growing season is for your trees, contact an arborist for tree service in the Edmonton area. Your arborist will be able to tell you when your plants flower and when the best time to trim them will be. Another great time to do some tree pruning during the winter is after a big storm. The high winds and heavy snows of an Edmonton and Leduc winter can cause a lot of damage to trees. Clearing away the debris and dead wood from your trees after a storm can prevent any further damage from occurring and keep bugs and critters away. As dead wood rots, it often attracts unwanted animal and insect guests. How do I trim my trees? Small knives, shears, and saws are all essential tools for pruning. If you choose to prune your own trees, be sure that all your tools are as sharp as possible. When pruning, making clean cuts is essential for the growth of your trees and shrubs. If your tree is too tall for you to safely prune your own tree, you should calltree service experts in Edmonton for assistance. This is even more true in the winter when snow and ice make getting up to higher branches much more dangerous. At All Season Tree Service, we’re available to help with your trees all year round. If you need any advice or help with your trees or shrubs, contact an arborist today.


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