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Advice to Keep Your Fruit Trees Pest-Free

Are you struggling with a pest infestation in your fruit trees this year? We’ve compiled the best advice on how to prevent, spot, and treat bugs and pests!

Growing fruit trees is incredibly rewarding, but to make sure the hard work you put into caring for your trees doesn’t go to waste, you need to protect them from pests. Here are a few of our best tips for ensuring your fruit trees remain free of them.


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How to prevent pests

There’s no one perfect way to prevent pests, but there are some pretty effective strategies. Bagging is one option, which involves sealing each individual fruit in a paper bag for about two weeks. You can also use sticky traps, which are what you might expect: traps to stop bugs in their tracks.


In addition, if you’re willing, you can choose to keep pests out of your fruit trees with sprays, such as oils, chemical pesticides, or microbial agents.


Signs a fruit tree has pests

It can be hard to tell if your fruit tree has been infested, especially since different pests cause different symptoms. However, with a careful eye, you can identify indicators of a potential problem.


Some signs are obvious such as large webs in the tree or finding a worm inside the tree’s fruit. Bugs may make holes in the leaves, causing them to become wilted and discoloured, or leave them coated in a sticky substance. Other symptoms of infestation include the presence of sawdust-like debris and holes in the trunk of the tree.


What to do if you’ve discovered pests in your fruit tree

If, despite your best efforts, pests still make their way into your fruit tree, it’s no cause for alarm. Spraying your trees is an effective fix, as it’ll clear out all the pests completely. However, if you want to avoid using sprays on your home orchard, you can try making your own insecticidal agent. A mixture of water, dish soap, and vegetable oil has been shown to combat certain pests, such as aphids and scales.


Diatomaceous earth, either sprinkled around the roots, or mixed with water and painted onto the trunk, is another safe way to get rid of your tree’s unwanted guests.


Tree care in Edmonton – Every Season of the Year!

In some cases, a tree can’t be saved. If you’re struggling to save a diseased or infected tree, call on an arborist at All Seasons Tree Care. We’ll assess the situation and remove the tree if needed. Contact us today to find out more about our services and to get a free estimate!