grandfather lifting child up to pick an apple from a tree in his backyard

5 Fruit Trees For Your Alberta Backyard

If you want to grow fruit in your yard, here are five types of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs that will thrive on almost any Alberta property.

1. Apple
Although it can take between two and 10 years, this hardy tree typically produces a lot of fruit. Choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil, and plant two varieties to ensure pollination. Water saplings regularly and limit pruning to broken or dead branches. Once the tree matures, annual pruning will improve air circulation and help prevent disease. Many suitable varieties, including Goodland and Honeycrisp, can be harvested in September.

2. Haskap
Also known as sweetberry honeysuckle, this high-yielding shrub is extremely resistant to cold climates. However, you’ll need two different varieties to pollinate. Haskap shrubs grow to be about one metre tall and should be mildly pruned in late winter or early spring. The plant’s large purple berries are usually ready to harvest between late June and mid-July.

3. Plum
This easy-to-maintain tree is an ideal choice for novice gardeners. Choose a spot that offers shelter from the wind, at least six hours of sunlight and loamy, well-draining soil. Wrap the trunk in winter to prevent injury, and prune the branches in spring. Once the tree bears fruit after four to six years, the plums are best left on the tree to ripen until late summer or early fall. The fruit should feel soft to the touch and come off easily with a slight twist.

4. Blueberries
While highbush blueberries can grow to be nearly two metres tall, you can also opt for the less imposing groundcover variety. In particular, the Alberta-native lowbush blueberries are very cold-hardy. These plants need sandy, acidic soil high in organic material so add peat or compost when planting. Remove the flowers during the first two years to help the roots strengthen. The berries will be ready to pick in mid- to late summer. Prune shortly afterward.

5. Cherry
This tree provides beautiful blossoms and bright red fruit. The sour varieties are also self-pollinating and fairly compact, which makes them ideal for small yards. Choose a spot without shade from nearby buildings or trees, and apply mulch to retain soil moisture. Be sure to wait until late winter to prune. Once the tree matures after four years, wait to pick the cherries until they’re fully ripe and cut the stalks with scissors to avoid damaging the shoots.

Tree Care Services In Alberta

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