professional pruning young fruit tree in Edmonton

Does Tree Pruning Help Improve Fruit Production?

Owning a fruit tree can be aesthetically pleasing as well as rewarding. Who doesn't want access to fresh fruit right in their own backyard?

However, fruit trees require special maintenance to keep them in top shape. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of properly pruning your fruit trees.


The Benefits of Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning your fruit trees is an essential part of owning them. If you take care of them properly, they will reward you with delicious fruit. Professional pruning benefits not only the tree itself but you as well because pruning results in higher quality fruit.

There are many different types of fruit trees, each with different benefits for your property and your health. It's important to learn to take proper care of your trees so they can live a long and healthy life and continue to provide you with delicious harvest every year.


Promote Healthy Growth

When your fruit trees are pruned and trimmed, their fruit-bearing branches will be healthier.

Fruit trees are trimmed so that only branches that are at a 45-degree angle pointing up are kept. This is because these branches are the best ones for supporting growing fruit.

As more healthy branches grow, the fruit will have more options and will grow more plentifully.

Pruning fruit trees also allows for the trimming of sucker branches. Doing this helps your trees get the nutrients they need to grow delicious fruit. It also opens up additional areas for fruit growth.


Higher Quality Fruit

When you properly prune your fruit trees, you will be rewarded with better quality fruit.
Pruning is also an investment in the future of your trees. In fact, when you prune your fruit trees, they will experience an increase in fruit bud production for years to come.
You'll also notice an improvement in the quality of the current year's fruits. This means your fruit will have better colour and size.


Shaping Your Trees

Part of pruning involves controlling the size and shape of your fruit trees. When trees are properly pruned, they can be trained to grow the way you want in the future.

  • Pruning should be done starting when you first plant your fruit trees, but if you've just moved in and they are already mature, it's not too late.

  • Pruning newly planted fruit trees encourages healthy root formation. This results in healthier lateral branches.

  • As your tree is pruned over the years, you can promote the growth of the strongest branches and the shape you desire.

  • The shape of your tree is important for its overall health. Trees that grow too tall can be difficult to prune and fruit may be out of reach. On the other hand, trees that grow too wide tend to have a weak structure, especially when the fruit is growing.


Get Your Fruit Trees Pruned & Shaped by a Professional in the Edmonton Region

While pruning your fruit trees might seem easy enough, it's really a job best left to the professionals.

This is because improperly pruning your trees or doing so at the wrong time can actually do more harm than good. Pruning your trees at the wrong time can damage them and weaken their branches.

Let All Season Tree Service do the work for you and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Contact us today to learn more about our fruit tree pruning and care services.