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end of summer pruning to prepare for fall in Edmonton, Alberta

This summer has been the second hottest summer on record!

That means you had to do a lot of work to keep your garden and lawn looking lush and beautiful. You can't stop quite yet though! Getting your yard prepped and ready for fall is essential to yard maintenance. That is why we have put together the perfect end of summer yard checklist. This simple guide will make sure you are covering all your bases and heading in to fall prepared and ready! Let's take a look!


By August weeds have become rooted and well established. The weather is perfect for rapid growth and flourishing. It is essential to stay on top of weeding during this time to prevent the weeds from propagating the following year.

Deadheading is equally as important at this time as well. Pick off any dying or dead leaves from your perennials to promote the growth of healthy new buds.

This is an important time to harvest any fruits or vegetables as well. As your plants begin fruiting, daily harvesting will help ensure that you are keeping your garden tidy. Vegetables and fruits that are left on the garden floor will quickly rot in the heat and will draw pests and rodents.


As we touched on earlier, keep up with any fruit trees you have on your property at this time. Tree care in late summer is essential for fall and winter maintenance. Pruning your trees will promote new growth and is important for safety.

In the summer months, trees can become damaged due to the stormy weather. Remove any damaged branches to prevent potentially hazardous breaks in the fall and winter. August is generally the hottest month of the year so do not forget to regularly water any smaller or newly planted trees.


Pruning your shrubs and plants should be done the same as you prune your trees. Remove any diseased or damaged branches or leaves from the plants and shrubs. During this time, consider planting seasonal shrubs such as Beautyberry or Holly. The soil temperature from August to mid-October is ideal for planting certain shrubs, trees, and plants. Conifers such as pine and spruce are excellent options for late summer planting. Late summer is also the time that you want to think about mulching options.

Consider mulching your yard leaves to keep your grass free from debris. Use the mulched leaves to start a compost pile with things like vegetable and fruit scraps to utilize in your garden next year


This yard checklist is simple and easy to follow. These guidelines will help you maintain a beautiful garden and yard and keep you prepared for the rest of the seasons.

When it comes to yard maintenance, sometimes hiring an expert is the best choice. Our professionals have all of the tree maintenance equipment and skills to provide you with top-notch tree service. So if you are interested in learning more about our year-round services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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