a split tree on a property near edmonton alberta

How Far Can a Tree Split and Still Be Saved?

In Edmonton, we get 23 days of lightning a year. This is 3 days less than Calgary, but when it comes to actual strikes, we get 50% more!

Because of that, it's not uncommon to see a split tree here or there. A tree split can also happen naturally or from an impact with another object.

In any case, you might be wondering: can a split tree be saved? And if so, how far can it split before it's a lost cause? Read on for more information.


Can a Split Tree Be Saved?

The good news is, a split tree can be saved. However, the damage must span less than 50% of the trunk or the canopy of the tree, and there must not be rot on the inside of the trunk. Otherwise, you'll have to have tree removal done.

This might be the case because there might be a systemic issue with it. This basically means there is no chance of recovery and the best thing to do is to remove the tree and plant a new one.

It's hard to tell on your own whether or not the damage is superficial enough to save the entire tree. This is why it's vital you consult with a tree professional.

In the case of tree removal being necessary, not only can we at All Season Tree Service remove hazardous branches and remove the entire tree, but we can also help you clear the area of debris, and remove what’s left through stump grinding removal.


How to Save a Split Tree

One of our professional tree care experts can carefully assess your split tree to see if it's salvageable. If it is, the main method used is bracing and cabling. This is most effective for vertical splits and the contractor will have all the right tools for this.
The bracing part serves to bring the split parts together. This helps the tree heal and provide its own stability and structural integrity.

The cabling part is done to reinforce the tree. This can help it stay secure during high winds. As a result, you'll see less damage after storms; it may even prevent the tree from completely falling over.

Never try to do bracing and cabling on your own. Not only can it be dangerous to handle on your own, but you might end up doing further damage to your tree. This can result in you needing tree removal services instead.


Save Your Tree with Professional Services from All Season Tree Service!

So long as your split tree is under 50% damaged, there's hope for it yet. By seeking a professional tree service expert, you'll be able to take the right course of action to bring your tree back to life.

Do you need to save a split tree? Or do you need to have one removed? Regardless of the tree service you need, get in touch with All Season Tree Service. We can provide you with a free estimate.