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Tree Cabling & Bracing in Edmonton
& the Surrounding Areas

Trees that are split (which we call double leaders) are often at risk for more serious storm damage than their counterparts. The professional arborists at All Season Tree Service can protect those vulnerable trees with bracing systems and tree cabling in Edmonton and the surrounding cities. 


So what are cabling and bracing, exactly? 

Bracing and cabling are several methods used to stabilize trees and limbs that have issues with supporting their own weight. At All Season Tree Service, we employ tools for tree cabling in Edmonton to improve the structural integrity of trees. When properly installed, cables can help to redistribute the weight of tree limbs. 


These systems offer additional protection in high wind, which can help prevent trees from falling or becoming damaged in storms. All depending on the needs of the tree, cabling and bracing can either be temporary or permanent solutions. Through these techniques, your property will be safer, and your beautiful trees can remain healthy and upright for years to come.

Fixing Trees with Split Trunks

For tree trunks with a vertical split, we can use bracing rods and other techniques involving tree bracing. Edmonton has a diverse range of trees with wide branch spreads, including the Siberian larch, little leaf linden, green ash, and especially American elm and American basswood trees. Cabling and bracing can be used to support large, multi-trunked trees, some of which were previously mentioned. 


Doing it Right

Every technique we use is based on the species, size, health of the tree, and property requirements. If you’ve just planted a sapling and you would like to ensure its success, the arborists at All Season Tree Service can recommend whether cabling is the right way to go about protecting your tree. In some instances, cabling can be an unnecessary hindrance in growing a sapling to be a strong adult. 


Don’t stress about the trees on your property — simply contact All Season Tree Service. We’re here for all of your bracing and cabling needs in the Edmonton area and surrounding cities.


How Did Bracing and Cabling Come About?

The concepts of cabling and bracing using steel hardware were invented by the same Englishman who gave us the motto “Do it right or not at all.” — John Davey. Born June 6th, 1846, Davey’s future success wasn’t always assured; he was slow to learn and didn’t fully learn the alphabet until his early 20s. In his pursuit of a higher intellect, Davey studied and became a master of agriculture and arboriculture as a tutor of his father. 


In 1880, John Davey brought his strong work ethic to this side of the pond, opening up The Davey Tree Expert Company. It was during this time that Davey discovered that certain species of tree were structurally weak due to their patterns of branching. To remedy this issue, he invented steel cabling and cabling methods to protect vulnerable trees against storms and high winds. Davey’s methods also allowed many dense population centres, such as Edmonton, to reintroduce trees as part of the urban cityscape.


You learn even more about John Davey and the origins of cabling in our blog!


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