woman trimming hedges with professional clippers

How Often Should You Get Your Hedges Trimmed?

Fall and winter are around the corner so you might be wondering if it's time to schedule hedge maintenance.

If you want to keep your lawn looking beautiful, learning about the hedge trimming timeline, shrub sizes, and tree species is important. Keep reading to discover how often you should get your hedges trimmed and the answers to your other burning questions!


How Often Should You Get Your Hedges Trimmed?

  • Hedges need to be trimmed and sheared regularly throughout the year to keep them thick.
  • Shrubs, on the other hand, should be pruned at a specific time of the year so that they can flourish.

To ensure your plants are trimmed and pruned at the right time and in the best way each year, it's best to work with the professional arborists from All Season Tree Service.


Does the Size of the Shrub or Hedge Matter?

Yes! Newly planted smaller shrubs and hedges need a full season to establish their root systems before major pruning or hedge shaping. Larger shrubs might need several years to establish their roots.

A fully established shrub, hedge, or small tree is one that has overcome transplant shock. Pruning too early can stunt the growth of your plants.


Does the Species of the Tree or Shrub Matter?

Tree and shrub pruning are necessary all year round, but there are ideal times to prune hedges and shrubs depending on the species.

Early spring is the best time to prune summer-blooming shrubs and trees. This helps thin out the canopy before the growing season starts. Plus, the weather is cool enough to minimize the risk of pests and diseases.

If you have trees or shrubs that flower in the early spring, a professional will prune them immediately after they finish blooming. Waiting until the winter to prune a flowering tree will limit the growth of the plant.

Maple trees are just one species that need pruning during the summer, around June or July. Many trees can also benefit from having vulnerable or dead branches trimmed before a summer storm rolls in.

Some species can be pruned in any season of the year but we may be weary depending on the tree as it can stimulate new growth that won't be strong enough to survive the winter.


Commercial Hedge Trimming – Schedule Regular Trims!

Trimming hedges is a complex task, especially when you are dedicating most of your time to your company. Business owners can opt for professional hedge trimming from All Season Tree Service.

Scheduling regular commercial maintenance of your trees, shrubs and hedges provides you with these benefits:

  • Disease and infestation prevention
  • Maintaining the plant’s structural integrity
  • Storm damage risk reduction
  • Promoting flowering and fruit production
  • Increased curb appeal and natural beauty

Regular commercial hedge maintenance allows you to keep your business exterior in good shape to attract customers in addition to the above benefits.


Let Us Trim Your Hedges! Call All Season Tree Service!

There are many best practices regarding how often, when, and how hedges should be trimmed. It’s as much of a science as it is an art to know the ins and outs of trimming, pruning, and shaping.

Let us keep your hedges and shrubs beautiful! Request a free estimate from All Season Tree Service today! Located in Edmonton we provide tree care services in all surrounding cities including Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St Albert and Fort Saskatchewan.