Tree & Shrub Shaping for Edmonton properties

Do you have shrubs and trees on your property? Do you want your property to look its very best while also maximizing your leisure time on weekends? All Season Tree Service offers tree and shrub shaping for Edmonton homes and in the surrounding area. By enlisting our services, you can be assured your trees and shrubs not only remain beautiful, but stay healthy year after year. 

We employ full-time arborists that truly understand what it takes to keep trees and shrubs vibrant, manageable, and properly shaped. We bring services for tree and shrub shaping to Edmonton and all the surrounding areas. To get started, contact us today!

Shrub Shaping in Edmonton

For many property owners, the act of shaping their shrubs is a mostly straightforward concept. The trouble really begins with maintaining restraint and not clipping too far. If a shrub has been left untended for an extended period of time, you may think going at it aggressively with pruning shears is the best way to go about it. As humans, we forget that trimming and shaping a shrub aren’t the same as getting a haircut; shrubs have primary, secondary, tertiary, and new leaf growths that are all essential to its health and longevity. When a shrub is shaped too quickly, or at a depth it cannot handle, the shrub may not have the time or energy needed to adjust. 

At All Season Tree Service, we will shape your shrubs to honour their natural environment and desired appearance, all while preserving their health and longevity. Leave the high-style bonsai, pollarding, and topiary stuff to the experts — call All Season Tree Service, today!

Tree Shaping in Edmonton

Many “tree care” companies will make some perimeter cuts, lob off the top, and call it a day. Not All Season Tree Service. As professional arborists, we understand that tree shaping isn’t simply an art, but also a science. All trees are led by a genetic program that dictates its profile, height, width, and branching pattern. 

When we perform tree shaping, Edmonton homeowners can expect our arborists to make cuts that support the natural features of the tree, all while preserving its health, longevity, and natural character. 

Each species of tree has its own optimal time of year to be trimmed or shaped. The season also dictates how the tree will respond to the cuts; in some species, shaping and trimming during the winter dormancy period can result in quick, lush growth during the spring. We will listen to the results you’re after and recommend the solution — call us today to get started!

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