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Tree and Shrub Shaping Services in Edmonton

If you want to ensure the shrubs and trees on your property look their best, the team at All Season Tree Service can help. Our full-time, experienced arborists provide tree and shrub shaping services for residential and commercial customers in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. In addition to boosting your property’s curb appeal, this type of regular maintenance will help keep your trees and shrubs healthy for years to come. Contact us today to request a free estimate or to book a service call!

Shrub Shaping Services

In general, shrub shaping can be viewed as a fairly straightforward task. However, it can be quite difficult to practise restraint and not take too much off the plant. This is a problem because removing too much growth in one shot can actually stunt the plant’s growth or kill it outright. When shaping a shrub, it’s important to be able to distinguish between primary, secondary, tertiary and new leaf growth, as all of these are essential to the plant’s health and longevity.


At All Season Tree Service, our arborists have the tools and training to carefully shape your shrubs in a way that complements their natural growth pattern. This is done by considering each shrub’s unique features to help it maintain strong stems and healthy foliage.


Additionally, highly stylized shaping such as bonsai, pollarding and topiary requires a keen eye for detail and should be left to experienced professionals.


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Tree Shaping Services

Tree shaping isn’t simply an artistic expression; it’s a science. You can’t start lopping off branches without keeping a few things in mind. For example, all trees are genetically programmed for a certain profile, height, width and branching pattern. In addition, each species of tree has its own optimal time of year to be shaped. For example shaping certain species during their winter dormancy period can result in quick, lush growth come spring.


At All Season Tree Service, our arborists will only make cuts that support the natural features of your trees to preserve their health, longevity and natural character. By working with our team, you can express your personality and improve your property’s curb appeal while also keeping your landscaping lush and healthy.


By having your trees and shrubs shaped on a regular basis, you’ll ensure excess limbs and foliage don’t weigh down the plant and take away from its beauty. In addition, shaping can ensure your trees and shrubs don’t begin to lean or fall as they get older. This is crucial to keeping your property safe and preventing damage.


Finally, if you want to add value to your home or business and make it look more inviting, beautifully shaped trees and shrubs are the way to go. As a homeowner, you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood, and as a business owner, you’ll make a great first impression on your customers.


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differences Between Trimming and Shaping

The terms trimming and shaping are often used interchangeably. However, while they both encourage healthy growth, they aren’t the same thing. Here’s an overview of each technique:

  • Trimming. This practice generally consists of removing the tips of branches and excess growth from the outermost part of a shrub or tree. This is done to give the plant a tidy and manicured appearance. Trimming may involve pruning dead branches or cutting back a few inches of unruly growth to help improve the plant’s health and promote longevity.
  • Shaping. This practice consists of growing and pruning trees and shrubs into ornamental shapes by encouraging branches to grow in a particular way. This type of tree work is done primarily for decorative purposes and can transform the look of ordinary outdoor spaces.

In short, trimming focuses on removing overgrown limbs and branches that might otherwise prevent the tree or shrub from thriving. Shaping, on the other hand, focuses on aesthetics and enhancing the overall appearance of the plant.

Keep Your Trees & Shrubs Vibrant, Manageable and Looking Their Best!

If you want to transform the shrubs and trees on your property into eye-catching pieces of art, look no further than All Season Tree Service. We offer expert tree and shrub shaping services for residential and commercial customers in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Beaumont   and the surrounding areas. Our professional arborists understand what it takes to keep trees and shrubs vibrant, manageable and looking their best. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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