A cracked tree, split almost down the middle with a large branch laying on the lawn. Photo from Edmonton, Alberta.

HELP! My Tree is Cracked: Can It Be Saved?

What’s the best way to deal with a cracked tree?

It may look unsalvageable, but jumping in to a tree removal isn’t the only option available! Before you decide to say goodbye to your tree, consider saving it. Here’s what you should know. 

Signs of a cracked tree

A cracked tree is often easy to spot: in severe cases, you’ll see a massive crack splitting the trunk in two. Smaller cracks can be harder to find, but should still be assessed. Even small fissures can weaken the tree and make it more likely to suffer severe damage during windstorms. 

Types and causes 

Benign cracks can significantly weaken the tree and lead to a full-on split trunk. For instance, frost cracks, which are caused by alternating freezing and thawing temperatures, don’t usually require special attention. The issue is that once a tree is cracked, it’s more likely to be damaged by future weather events. Other factors that make a tree susceptible to splitting are internal decay and ground erosion. 

Can a split tree be salvaged?

First, assess the damage or hire a professional arborist to evaluate your tree for you. If the split doesn’t run all the way down to the ground and there’s no sign of decay or infestation, the tree will be able to heal itself, although it may still require some help. Just how much help it’ll need, however, is hard to tell without contacting professional arborists who have experience with Edmonton’s flora and climate. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a professional evaluation and a free estimate of your cracked tree. 

Saving the tree

Trees can heal themselves over time, but they need help. Professionals can use techniques like bracing and cabling to save your tree. First, the tree is fitted with braces, which are threaded metal rods that go through the trunk to hold the split together. Cables are then installed between the tree’s high branches to redistribute weight. This reduces the strain on the trunk and makes it more resilient.

When to say goodbye

Bracing and cabling are effective techniques that allow the tree to heal on its own while making it more resistant to future weather events. However, if the split was due to internal decay, it’s time to think about having the tree removed. This also holds for trees that have been entirely split in two. 

Trust All Season Tree Service to Assess, Rescue or Remove Your Damages Trees

If you need to assess a damaged tree, are ready to say goodbye, or think that it can be saved, you can rely on All Season Tree Service’s knowledge of Edmonton’s trees. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with a local arborist!