a chainsaw resting beside a stack of cut tree stumps and branches

The Pros and Cons of Summer vs Winter Tree Removal

The people of Alberta understand the value and importance of trees in our communities. We do our best to preserve and care for our trees, but there are times when a tree needs to be removed.

It may be because the tree is dead, diseased, or present a danger to your home or the people in it. Professional tree removal services get the job done for you, whatever the reason and whatever the season.

However, one of the most common questions we get asked is, "What's the better season for tree removal—summer or winter?"


There are pros and cons to removing trees in each of the seasons. Keep reading to learn about the differences between winter and summer tree removal. 


Summer Tree Removal 

Summertime in Edmonton and the surrounding areas means the arrival of long, warm, sunny days. It also can be a good time to call in tree removal services for that tree in your yard or property that has to be removed. 

Pros of Summer Tree Removal

Summer makes any trees on your property easy to access without any weather-related issues or obstacles that hamper tree access. There are also more daylight hours, making it practical for professional tree removal companies to deliver tree removal services promptly. 


Cons of Summer Tree Removal

In some cases, summer tree removal disturbs other trees and plants near the tree being removed. However, with All Season Tree Service, our professionals take care to preserve the delicate soil and plants around removed trees no matter the season. 


Winter Tree Removal

During the winter, trees are dormant, making it a good time to consider your tree removal options. Trees can definitely be removed in winter—even when temperatures drop below zero, and snow is on the ground.

Pros of Winter Tree Removal

Without foliage on the trees to be removed, the branches and trunks are visible, making them easier and safer to cut down. During the winter months, the frozen ground also means less impact or damage to the soil and surrounding vegetation.


Cons of Winter Tree Removal

Extreme cold weather or weather conditions may make access to the tree difficult. In some cases, the tree removal service may require extra equipment to get the job done, depending on the circumstances.


What About Spring and Fall Tree Removal?

The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are also great for tree removal! The weather is not as harsh as winter, and the lack of foliage makes it easier to see the structure of the tree. The risk of soil compaction is lessened as well. 


Tree Removal Services All Year Round

Any season is the right season for hiring tree removal services! Removing trees in spring, summer, winter, and fall have pros and cons but with the right tree removal company. 

At All Season Tree Service, our professional team has the training, equipment, and knowledge to remove trees safely and efficiently. The size of the tree or the scope of your tree project doesn't matter; we are here for you. Contact us today for a free estimate!