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If you have a dead or damaged tree on your property, you're at risk of serious property damage. Your best course of action when there's a dying tree looming over your home or vehicle is to hire a tree removal service.

Our professionals understand the proper way to take down a tree so that your property and its inhabitants are protected. Most homeowners think spring or summer is the time to remove a dead tree, but that's not necessarily true. Our tree removal services are offered year-round, and winter is one of the best times to do it. Keep reading, and we'll tell you why tree removal is best in the cold and why you shouldn't wait to have a dying tree removed.


As the weather starts to turn, which might be as early as mid-October in Edmonton, the trees become dormant. For tree removal experts, trees without leaves and active fungi are far easier to manage.

A bare tree makes maneuvering within the tree, seeing dead branches, and cutting a simpler process. You'd be surprised how much room leaves take up in the truck as well. When it comes to fungi and diseases, these are also dormant during the winter. Cutting into a tree leaves it exposed to diseases, so doing it in the winter gives the tree time to heal before they're active again.

If you're just having part of a tree removed or pruned, doing it in the winter will ensure that it's thriving and ready for new growth come springtime.


In the frigid Alberta winters, fewer people are out and about on the street and in the yard. It's better for the tree removal company to do the job during this time simply because it's safer.

It's also safer for your yard, as a barren winter yard is easier to take equipment over. We always do our best to control the way that the limbs fall, but in the winter, they're less likely to fall on top of the other plants or landscaping in your yard.


If you notice that you've got a damaged or decaying tree in your yard, you should never wait out the winter to do it in spring. Winter conditions, from the high winds to the weight of the snow on branches, can weaken a tree even more.

By having your tree pruned or removed in early winter, you can avoid a major headache when the weather really gets bad. A weakened tree could lose branches or even fall over during a winter storm, which can generate serious property damage.


Now that we've cleared up this myth around tree removal that it can't be done during winter, it's time to take stock of your yard. If you've got a dead or dying tree, getting it pruned or cut down is your best option for keeping your property safe.

At All Season Tree Service, we've been Edmonton's top tree care experts since 1992. Contact us today to schedule your winter tree removal. We also serve surrounding cities, including Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and Fort Saskatchewan.


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