father and son hanging out by firepit in the backyard

“FireSmart” Advice for Your Trees & Yard This Summer

Alberta’s wildfire season is fast approaching, and it’s crucial that you take steps to maximize the fire resistance of your home and yard.

To help you prepare and better defend yourself against this threat, FireSmart Canada offers various wildfire prevention resources and educational programs. Here are some of their top landscaping tips to keep your Edmonton yard from becoming a fire hazard.

Choose fire-resistant species

To help protect your yard against the threat of wildfires, FireSmart Canada recommends that you opt for fire-resistant trees, shrubs and plants whenever possible. While fire-resistant species can still be damaged and killed by fire, their leaves and stems don’t ignite as easily as other vegetation. This is due to high moisture levels and low resin and oil content within these plants. Deciduous trees like maple, poplar and oak are generally more resistant to fire than coniferous trees.

Limit highly flammable species

Trees and plants that contain resin, have aromatic leaves or needles and loose, papery bark tend to be highly flammable. This includes many coniferous trees such as spruce, pine, cedar and juniper. If you have a lot of coniferous trees on your property, especially within 10 metres of your house, consider hiring a tree removal company in Edmonton to reduce the risk of a wildfire easily spreading on your property.

Cut the grass regularly

Another way to make your yard more fire-safe is to mow your lawn on a regular basis. Keep the grass shorter than 10 centimetres to slow the spread of fire, and avoid planting tall grass species on your property as they are highly flammable. You should also avoid letting fallen pine needles and dead leaves accumulate on the ground. Rake up this debris often so that it doesn’t become fuel for a wildfire.

Decorate with fireproof materials

Break up the vegetation in your yard with landscaping features made of fireproof materials like stone and tile. These zones will help slow the spread of fire. Additionally, you should spread rock or gravel mulch rather than bark or pine needle mulch around the base of trees and plants as these are much less flammable.

Tree Care Experts You Can Trust Every Season of the Year

At All Season Tree Service, we’re committed to helping you keep your home and yard safe during wildfire season. We offer various tree care and prevention services such as removal, pruning and shapingfor homeowners and businesses in Edmonton and the surrounding communities. There’s no job too big or too small for our team, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today to request a free estimate!