Stump grinding after a tree disease consultation in Edmonton, Alberta.

How Stump Grinding Can Reduce the Spread of Tree Diseases in Edmonton

There are a lot of reasons why finally getting rid of that tree stump in your back yard is a good idea—and not all of them have to do with making your yard more beautiful.

Anyone who has cut down a tree knows that doing so is only half the battle when it comes to removing a tree from your yard. Even more difficult than removing the trunk and branches, removing a tree’s stump is labour-intensive and often requires specialized equipment. Despite all the effort that goes into it, however, stump removal can make your yard look more beautiful and, perhaps more importantly, can help keep your yard healthy.

We at All Season Tree Service offer stump grinding and tree disease consultation to everyone in the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas, who’s interested in improving their trees’ health.

What Makes Stump Grinding Different?
Stump grinding is one of several ways of dealing with a tree stump in your backyard and is pretty much what it sounds like. To remove a stump, an arborist will employ a large piece of specialized machinery that has a rotating disc with teeth. This disc grinds the stump into more manageable pieces that can be safely and easily disposed.

How Can Stump Grinding Reduce the Risk of Spreading Disease?
Although you may have had a tree in your yard cut down years ago, the stump and root system may still be sitting in your yard, underground and out of sight. While its sometimes perfectly fine to allow a stump and its roots to naturally decay in your yard, this comes with certain risks as well. It’s quite common for decaying stumps and roots to often be prime targets for invasive fungi and other tree diseases.

Although you may not be able to see it, a tree’s root system extends underground far beyond the radius of the tree itself. If you have other trees or plants in your yard, their root systems can come into contact with one another under the surface of your yard. If root systems touch, diseases can pass from one tree to another.

Stump grinding is an excellent way to lower the risk of diseases spreading throughout your yard. Removing a stump may cost a little extra money, but it is still the most efficient and cost-effective preventive measure you can take to avoid the spread of disease and to ensure the overall health of your yard.

If you have a stump in your yard that you’d like removed, contact us at All Season Tree Service today. We can handle any stump grinding, tree disease consultation, pruning and tree removal job in the area.