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Tree Disease services with All Season Tree Service

To the untrained eye, it can sometimes be hard to spot the signs of a diseased tree. While some symptoms may be perfectly clear, such as failure to grow new leaves in the springtime, or large limbs falling off, it can be harder to spot the subtle changes when a spruce, pine, maple, fir, or poplar is initially threatened by a tree disease. With all Season Tree Service, a professional arborist will come on-site to evaluate your tree and then prune or remove infected trees.


In Edmonton, one of the best and most accurate ways to examine a deciduous tree for illness is comparing its foliage and growth to other trees of the same species and of a similar age. Spotting the symptoms of a diseased tree in the Edmonton or surrounding area is best done during spring and autumn, when blooms and foliage changes are both sudden and brilliant. 

Examining the health of conifers can mostly be performed year-round, although many types of conifers do undergo somewhat of a dormant period during the winter, making it difficult for the layman to gauge the state of their health. 


when should a diseased tree be removed?

Like many families, the staff at All Season Tree Service loves nothing more than taking a leisurely stroll through the many natural sites and parks Alberta has to offer. Healthy trees are beautiful trees. However, a diseased tree may need to be removed. Dutch elm disease and other fungal diseases can pass from tree to tree, so it’s always best to remove one in order to preserve others.

Once your tree is diseased, it will likely not recover. Although it can last for many more years, it will slowly decay and become a hazard. If a tree is beyond any type of remedial effort, it may be best to have it removed. A slowly decaying tree is a welcome mat to termites and other pests. A tree with advanced or accelerated decay also poses a threat to your property and family if it were to fall. 


We’re Here to Help YOUR TREES thrive

Do you think your property is home to a diseased tree or multiple trees? If you’ve noticed discoloured leaves, spots of missing bark or other signs of insect damage or disease, you may be in need of tree service in Edmonton. All Season Tree Service is your best bet for effective diagnosis and treatment of diseased trees in your yard and on your property.

Our professional arborists will come to your property to assess your trees for possible diseases. Once the diseases have been diagnosed we will outline a treatment plan to try to help your trees regain their health and beauty.


Call us any time for Diseased Tree removal in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas

From bacterial diseases to fungal infections or insect infestations, our professional arborists can diagnose, control, and sometimes even reverse tree diseases. We offer our tree services for just about any type of tree, from firs to birches to maples, oaks, and everything in between. 


For more information or to have one of our arborists come on-site in the Edmonton area, contact us today.

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