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arborist tree service advice in edmonton

Albertans are lucky enough to have a lot of magnificent trees such as the American elm or the Siberian larch. These trees are not only a benefit to our community but also a lot of responsibility.

If you have a tree might need a little help or support, an expert arborist from All Season Tree Service in Edmonton is waiting for you call. Two important services that we offer and that not everyone may have heard of are tree bracing and cabling. If you’re worried that your trees aren’t doing as well as they should, it may be the case that bracing and cabling can help them grow properly again. What are bracing and cabling? When we think of trees, we often think of stability and strength. Sometimes, however, trees need a little help with their structural integrity. That’s where bracing and cabling come in. Both these techniques are ways of helping trees that have either split down the centre or have started otherwise growing in a direction that will ultimately be dangerous for their health. Bracing and cabling are two methods that involve taking either a synthetic or metal ligature (typically a steel rod) and strategically running it through your tree to help it support its own weight. For example, if a tree has split in half and is growing in two different directions, you can run a rod through the halves to help the tree support it’s awkward shape and encourage its growth in the right direction. Just like we sometimes need when we’ve been injured, you can think of bracing and cabling as your arborist stitching your tree back together again. When are bracing and cabling necessary? Split or awkwardly growing trees can be a genuine hazard for homeowners. If a tree’s structural integrity has been compromised, it’s a good candidate for further damage from high winds. Without proper attention from an arborist, a strong Edmonton storm can easily bring a compromised tree down on your or your neighbour’s home. In situations where you have a wonderful tree but it’s growing awkwardly and near your home, we can perform a cabling or bracing procedure on the tree to make is safer. If a damaged tree is farther away from your home, however, it may be the case that it’s safer or more cost-effective to simply remove the tree and plant another. If you’re unsure if your tree is healthy and safe, contact an arborist at All Season Tree Service in Edmonton. We can give you advice about the best way to help your trees grow strong and healthy.


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