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Best coniferous and deciduous trees to grow in Edmonton!

Are you thinking of planting a tree in your yard?

If so, you need to ensure you plant a species that will grow well in your yard. So, which coniferous and deciduous trees thrive best in Alberta? Keep reading to find out!


Conifers remain green throughout the year. Moreover, they protect homes from wind, sound and air pollution and provide a habitat for wildlife. Here some of the best options for Edmonton homeowners.

  • Lodgepole pine. This tall, slender evergreen is Alberta’s official tree. It’s highly adaptable and hardy and can be grown in many types of terrain including dry and sandy soils. It grows at a slow to medium rate (30 to 90 centimetres a year), can become fairly tall (12 to 25 metres), lives 50 to 100 years and requires no pruning.

  • White evergreen. Also known as the Canadian spruce or Alberta white spruce, this lush richly green conifer provides very good protection from wind and has a very long lifespan of 250 to 350 years. It has a moderate growth rate and generally grows 20 to 30 metres tall. It’s fairly resistant to pests and disease but can be susceptible to spruce beetle outbreaks. Young seedlings require protection from the sun.

Other conifer species that grow well in Edmonton include the Englemann spruce, jack pine and Colorado spruce (or blue spruce).


One big advantage to planting deciduous trees is that many of them grow quickly. They also provide very good shade cover and have beautiful foliage in spring, summer and fall. However, they tend to require more maintenance than coniferous trees. Here are some of the best deciduous trees for Edmonton yards.

  • Balsam poplar. This handsome tree has fragrant, heart-shaped leaves that turn an elegant shade of yellow in the fall. It’s fast-growing, highly adaptable, low maintenance and can grow as high as 25 metres. It provides good shade and acts as a windbreak.

  • Bur oak. This is the only oak indigenous to the Canadian prairies. It bears beautiful acorns and can endure a wide range of growing conditions. This type of oak is also resistant to many insect and disease problems. However, bur oaks need plenty of space. They can grow up to 30 metres tall and have a vast root system. Their average lifespan is an impressive 200 to 300 years.

Some other types of deciduous trees that thrive in Edmonton are the tamarack larch, scarlet and dropmore linden.


At All Season Tree Service, we offer a wide range of services including tree pruning, tree shaping, stump grinding, and tree removal. Additionally, we provide you with expert advice about trees. For more information, or to get a free estimate on our services, reach out to us today!


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