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What to do if your tree has been damaged by a storm

Edmonton is no stranger to severe storms, and unfortunately, wind, lightning strikes and abundant precipitation can wreak havoc on our city’s trees.

If it’s your own tree that’s been damaged, it’s important to take quick action to prevent further damage to your yard and ensure the safety of yourself and your family. A qualified arborist is the best person to diagnose the extent of the damage and the go-forward strategy that makes the most sense (tree removal, tree bracing, branch removal, etc.). However, here are a few general guidelines—depending on the type of damage incurred—that can help those in Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan with damaged trees. 


Split trees

There are times when a tree is so severely split—either through the trunk or a major limb—that it seems beyond saving. However, a skilled arborist may be able to help the tree safely continue to thrive by using cabling and bracing in much the same way that a doctor might use screws, plates and other metal parts to help set a fractured bone. Unfortunately, trees that are completely split down the middle of the trunk are highly unlikely to recover and should be removed from your property. 


Torn off branches

Broken branches that are left dangling from a tree present a safety risk and should be removed as soon as possible. It’s best to detach branches ripped from the trunk near the base of the rupture, a task that typically requires proper tree pruning tools. Fine pruning and finishing cuts should be handled by an arborist, but typically, this isn’t as pressing. In Edmonton, it may be suggested that such pruning be delayed to early spring, as dieback of surrounding bark would therefore be lessened.


Broken or uneven treetop

Severe storms can dramatically disrupt the tree canopy and the result may be quite unsightly. In a situation where more than 50% of the canopy is damaged, the whole tree may need to be removed. Less damaged trees can typically be saved. It’s important to not “top” the tree as doing so can alter its structure, leave it vulnerable to pest infestation and shorten its life. Instead, you should rely on a skilled arborist to remove only what’s necessary. In time your tree will have a full and healthy canopy once again. 


Toppled trees

A toppled tree should be removed from your property. In addition to the limbs and trunk, you may also wish to have the stump taken out of your yard, a process that requires stump grinding or a complete removal, roots and all. 


Leaning trees

Leaning trees are generally salvageable. In some cases, pruning will be enough to redistribute the tree’s weight. In extreme cases, a leaning tree can be braced to reposition it, thereby changing the direction of future growth and providing support that prevents toppling. 


When you need an arborist call all season tree service

All Season Tree Service provides a complete range of arboreal services, including tree removal, tree bracing, stump removal and pruning. Contact us in the event of storm damage to your trees or to inquire about our annual maintenance and care services in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan and other surrounding areas.