beautiful pink blossoms of a crabapple tree in edmonton during the spring time

Blooming Trees to Plant in Edmonton This Spring

If you’re looking for ideas to revamp your landscaping, why not plant blooming trees this spring?

These beautiful, showy trees can make your property stand out and create a uniquely enjoyable environment. Whether you want to add a splash of colour to your backyard or make your commercial property more welcoming, here are some of the best ornamental trees to plant in Alberta.



These trees grow best in full sunlight and average to moist soil. They’re fairly hardy and tolerate urban environments and pollution well. They bloom in early June, with colours ranging from creamy white to pink and crimson. They also bear fruit that’s safe for humans and wildlife to eat. Keep in mind that while these small trees are suitable for small yards, planting them near a sidewalk will make fruit clean-up more difficult.



These trees are a good choice if you want a variety of plants that bloom at different times because they flower between late spring and early summer. They prefer partial or full shade and are quite adaptable. Since they don’t usually get very big, they’re perfect for small yards or beneath power lines. Although their showy pink, red and white flowers can brighten up any space, their thorns make them less suitable for areas where pets and children play.


Princess Kay plum

These trees bloom in early spring before the leaves grow back. Their clusters of fragrant white flowers offer a striking contrast to the smooth, nearly black bark. They’re safe to plant under power lines, but they’ll need full sunlight and to be kept away from standing water to grow well. They’re fairly tolerant of pollution, which makes them a good pick for urban settings. In the fall, their leaves turn bright yellow and add a nice touch to your autumnal landscape.


Japanese tree lilac

These trees bloom in early summer, showing off clusters of small white or off-white flowers. They thrive in full sunlight and average to moist soil. Although they can’t handle dry ground, they’re quite resilient to pollution and require little maintenance. Only minimal pruning is needed to help them keep their shape.

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