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white flowers blooming on labrador tea bush in Edmonton, Alberta.

Native gardening is the process of planting only those trees, bushes, and flowers that were in Alberta before European colonization. This practice is becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s easy to see why.

Plants native to Alberta are best suited to our climate and are often more useful to local animals. They also tend to require less water and less attention than trees or bushes that are transplanted from another climate. Here are five locally native plants to consider adding to your property’s garden:

  1. Lodgepole Pine Alberta’s national tree, the Lodgepole Pine is an iconic part of what’s unique about our province. It grows to an average of 24 metres and is an evergreen, so it will keep its leaves and protect your home from sun and wind all year.

  2. White Spruce Commonly sold as a Christmas tree, the white spruce is, like the Lodgepole Pine, an evergreen that produces pinecones to carry its seeds. Be on the lookout if you plant this tree, though. Black bears enjoy eating its inner bark.

  3. Aspen Poplar The Aspen Poplar got its scientific name (Populus tremuloides) because of the way its leaves flutter in even the lightest breeze. Unlike the pine or spruce, the poplar is deciduous and changes with the seasons. Male and female Aspen Poplars have different flowers so be sure you know which you’re getting.

  4. Red raspberry, blueberry, and low-bush cranberry bushes Berry bushes are always excellent choices and these three are native to Alberta. If you and your family have never had fresh berries, you’re missing out on an amazing experience. With your own berry bushes, you can save money while making some of the best pies, jams, and jellies you’ve ever tasted.

  5. Labrador Tea (pictured) This bush produces a beautiful, white flower that has been prized by the Inuit people as a herbal tea. Be careful, though, because too much of it can be bad for you! Whenever you grow plants for consumption, be sure to study up on which plants are toxic. Your and your loved ones’ safety should always come first.

Creating the perfect native garden can take some time and effort. But if you plan carefully, a little effort a few times a year will produce a beautiful result that honours the natural beauty of Alberta. If you want the valuable advice of an arborist for any of your tree or shrub care needs, contact us at All Season Tree Service. We provide tree removal and pruning services to Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to consult the experts on the best way to start your native garden.


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