a stack of logs in the winter on an empty lot of land being cleared

Tree and Stump Removal for Overgrown Lots – How All Season Tree Service Can Help!

Did you know that the average Canadian has 60% of their net worth in real estate? This means that your property is brimming with opportunity. Every square foot is crucial whether it is an exterior project or a home extension.

Overgrown lots zap your property of its potential. Trees can also become a safety hazard during inclement weather and lead to injury or property damage.

The good news is that there is an easy solution for an overgrown lot. A tree service company can help you clear your lot for projects or simply to improve the view. Read on to learn how All Season Tree Service can help you with tree and stump removal before you start your next project!

Land Is Your Most Valuable Asset

While times do change, one fundamental idea still holds true regardless of the generation. Land is one of the most valuable assets in society. How many homeowners are failing to utilize their land plots to their full extent? They let overgrown trees take over their lot and diminish its value.

There are many benefits to clearing out your land. For starters, you have more room for projects. By removing a tree and grinding down the stump, you are clear to use that land as you see fit.

For example, there may be a large oak tree in the middle of your backyard. It could be preventing you from dream projects like installing an inground pool or building a new deck. We can help remove that obstacle and allow your construction to take place.

Safety is another significant benefit of land clearing. In a strong wind or snowstorm, trees can fall and cause serious damage.

Large limbs may break off and fall on your home. In the most severe storms, full trees may come down on power lines or your roof. Neglecting hazardous trees on your property can cause property damage, injury, and even death.

How Can All Season Tree Service Help You?

All Season Tree Service offers several services for you to take advantage of. We’ve already mentioned the major services like tree removal and stump grinding. However, All Season has a lot more to offer you to maximize your land’s potential.

Bracing and cabling are two of those tree services. These are cost-effective methods used to stabilize a tree or limb. It is especially important for trees having difficulty supporting their own weight.

These tactics also provide added protection in high winds. Bracing and cabling may prevent a tree from coming down during the next storm.

Tree, hedge, and shrub pruning is another service offered by All Season. We can make your landscape look more aesthetically pleasing by removing dead limbs or shaping a shrub.

Lastly, All Season provides emergency tree services after a storm. We come in and safely remove fallen branches, debris, and trees.

Call All Season Tree Service – Any Day of the Year!

Are you ready to get started on your new project? Before you break ground, be sure to call All Season Tree Service to remove hazardous or dead trees, grind the remaining stumps, and prune the trees or shrubs you want to keep around.

Reach out to us today to take advantage of our safe tree care solutions for any-sized tree problem. We’re proudly located in Edmonton and also serve communities in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and Fort Saskatchewan.