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When it comes to lawn care, the nutrients in your soil are just as integral as water and sunlight.

Indeed, using the right fertilizer can help make your greenery flourish. However, to get the results you’re after, you need to apply the fertilizer the right way. Here are some dos and don’ts Edmonton homeowners should keep in mind when fertilizing their lawns.


  • Test your soil You can test your soil by hiring an expert or purchasing a kit and then doing it yourself. The results of your soil test will help you identify nutrient deficiencies and pH level and therefore allow you to determine the best way to fertilize your garden.

  • Know your N, P and K Fertilizers are made with varying levels of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K). Be sure to read the package to make certain that the fertilizer you choose complements the result of your soil test.

  • Fertilize at the right times Shrubs should be treated in the spring and fall with a slow-release fertilizer. Flowers and grass have different requirements, depending on your soil and what you’re trying to grow. Avoid fertilizing trees and shrubs in late summer.

  • Call your arborist If your trees or shrubs are displaying small, yellow leaves, dead branch tips, unusually short twig growth or other signs of distress, call a professional who can provide tree care in Edmonton.


  • Overdo it Too much fertilizer will kill your plants, creating what’s called fertilizer burn. The leaves will turn brown and wilt, the roots may rot and your plants will likely stop growing. Over fertilizing is worse for your lawn than under fertilizing.

  • Use under-composted manure Manure is an excellent choice of organic fertilizer, but only if it’s completely composted. If you get manure from a farm and it’s too fresh, it may burn your plants and it will almost certainly smell bad. You can purchase bags of fully composted manure at garden centres if you’re not sure.

  • Mix fertilizers Lawn, tree and vegetable fertilizers are not created equal. They each contain different ingredients that provide varying results. What you put on your grass may not be safe for trees and vice versa.

  • Fertilize trees indefinitely The older trees and shrubs are, the less frequently you’ll need to treat them. Often, you don’t need to fertilize fully grown trees and shrubs at all.


All Season Tree Service provides lawn care services in and around Edmonton, from emergency tree removal to stump grinding to pruning shrubs. Call us today and allow your yard thrive.

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