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Most people don’t spend much time thinking about yard maintenance during the winter. But did you know that winter is an excellent time to turn your attention to the trees on your property? Here are six reasons why!

  1. Trees are dormant in the winter Trees go into a period of dormancy during the winter months. During this phase, everything slows down, including the tree’s consumption of energy. Pruning dead branches and stems at this time helps the tree conserve valuable resources and can promote faster healing during spring.

  2. Pests and diseases are also dormant Trees and plants aren’t the only things that are dormant in the winter—so too are many of the pests and diseases that typically plague trees during the warmer months. By pruning trees during their dormant period, there’s less of a risk that the process will spread pests and diseases around your yard.

  3. There are no leaves to get in the way One of the most obvious reasons to prune during the winter is that you have a clearer view of all of the tree’s branches and stems. Without the leaves to obstruct your view, you’ll be able to see problem areas and easily trim away extra branches.

  4. It’s the off-season! As the weather gets warmer, tree pruning and trimming services in Edmonton become more in demand. Beat the rush by getting your tree looked at before the spring thaw sets in.

  5. There are very few obstructions With spring and summer being the main period for all lawn and landscape related activities, there can be a lot of things competing for attention, not to mention space, in your backyard. During the winter, you’re less likely to have other landscaping projects on the go.

  6. Your yard is frozen, so there’s minimal risk of damage When you’ve invested time and money into cultivating the perfect garden, the last thing you want is your tree-pruning efforts to result in a broken tree branch crashing down on your beautiful flowers. By pruning during the winter, you can reduce the risk of accidentally damaging your landscaping.

For fast, friendly and professional tree pruning and trimming services, contact All Season Tree Service without delay. We’ve proudly served Edmonton, Sherwood Park and the surrounding areas since 1992. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote.


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