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Keep reading for six reasons you might have to remove one of your trees this summer.

People all over Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc and other communities, agree that trees are one of the most beautiful aspects of the local landscape. But there are many situations where tree removal by a professional arborist is absolutely necessary. 1. The tree is too big Large trees can be beautiful provided that they have enough room to grow. But if you have a large tree on your property that is impeding your view, covering your house in constant shade or attracting insects and vermin, then it may be time to have it removed. 2. Preventing property damage If one of the young trees on your property is growing dangerously close to your home, power lines or underground sewage lines, then it may need to be removed. As the tree grows larger it could cause serious damage so it’s better to be proactive and have the tree extracted by an arborist in the Edmonton area before it’s too late. 3. Reduce your liability Sometimes the larger a tree gets, the more of a risk it poses. Falling branches can damage your home, your neighbours’ homes, vehicles and even pose a risk to your family members and passersby. Tree removal is a good option when you need to reduce your liability for insurance purposes. 4. It’s an undesirable species Certain species of trees, while beautiful, can also be a bit of a nuisance. These might include any tree species that are known for weak and falling branches, a high volume of falling debris or their vulnerability to infection. 5. The tree is diseased If one of the trees on your property is diseased beyond the point of treatment, then tree removal may be your only course of action. Having the tree removed can prevent the disease from spreading to other trees on your property and throughout the neighbourhood. 6. The tree is leaning or is badly damaged After a heavy storm, many trees are left in a precarious state. A professional arborist from All Season Tree Service can provide storm damage consultation services and may be able to treat the tree. If it can’t be saved, tree removal may be necessary. For more information on tree removal services in the Edmonton, Leduc and Fort Saskatchewan areas, visit All Season Tree Service today. We’re proud to have been providing fast, friendly and professional arborist services since 1992. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer or to request a free estimate.


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